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8 Unique Ways Businesses Can Use Twitter Polls to Boost Engagement

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8 Unique Ways Businesses Can Use Twitter Polls to Boost Engagement

Twitter Poll

The Twitter poll is the best instrument you can use to increase engagement with your audience. It also helps you anticipate the needs of your audience by giving you information about their actions, thoughts and wants. When you get hold of this information, you can then use it to know the kind of contents to prepare for your audience and how to improve your brand’s engagement with them.

To boost engagement using twitter polls, you need to create many polls to stay on top of your audience mind. After posting, ask for their input, and when your audience responds to your polls, ensure you are paying attention to their opinions and needs while airing yours. This way, you learn more about your audience while they learn more about your brand. A win-win situation to boost engagement.

There are creative ways you can use twitter polls to build your brand, and you should try them out. First, we are going to know what a twitter poll is all about before exploring the different ways you can use it to boost engagement. Dig in!

What is a twitter poll?

A Twitter poll is when you compose a tweet which is often in the form of a question, you then pick response options which should not be more than four. Your audience will then see the question and options before choosing their preference.

Creating a twitter poll is as simple as composing a tweet. You need not ask your followers to fill a form or direct them to another page. They only have to click one of the options you’ve set so that you can see what they want or think. They can also retweet the poll like they would do with any other tweet to engage more people.

How do you create a twitter poll?

Creating a poll on Twitter requires the same step you take to compose a tweet. The only thing you need to do before proceeding is to prepare your questions and answer options.

Here is the procedure:

First of all, you need to start a tweet,

Go to the compose button at the top right or bottom corner of your page and click the tweet button. When the box pops up, click on the add poll option below the blank box meant for typing tweets. You’ll see “ask a question” with empty bars to write your response options. You can click on the plus sign beside to add more response bars.

Then proceed to type your question and adding the response options. You can add some hashtags, mentions, or links if you wish. Also, add the number of days you want the poll to run before tweeting. That’s how to create a twitter poll. And when the poll ends, you’ll see the results displayed in your feed.

Using twitter polls to boost engagement

Now you’ve learnt how to create a twitter poll, how do you use it to engage your followers and attract more followers? Let’s find out.

Create many polls

By creating many twitter polls, you are retaining the top position on their feed. And when your audience continues to see your polls on their feed, they keep thinking of your brand. Moreover, people love to see if their opinion belongs to the majority, and so when you create polls, they are quick to engage.

If your question sparks an interest in them, they would want to know more about your brand, and that will lead them to your profile.

Request for input

Ask followers to help you make decisions for your brand. It could be on decisions relating to your business strategy, product preference, new logo designs, new products, new store locations, or even content ideas. They will be glad you value their opinion and would surely contribute.


Your followers will see your twitter polls as an opportunity to air their opinions about issues concerning your brand. It makes them feel part of the brand’s story, which will turn them into loyal followers.

When your followers respond to your questions, listen because it’s one of the ways they communicate their needs to you. Moreover, their opinions can help you generate ideas for more quality contents. You learn more when you listen and observe.

Encourage predictions

You can also use polls to ask request audience to make predictions. This method makes sense when there is a popular event going on like the NBA finals, America got talent, red-carpet events, global news, news stories, and so on. Figure outsmart questions you can ask that will make your audience want to engage.

Product feedback

If you’ve recently launched a product and you want to get feedback concerning it, you can easily create a poll. This way, you get to know your customer’s sentiments about a new product. If you need more in-depth insight, ask your followers to further explain by leaving a comment. It helps you to improve future outcomes.

Extend the poll length

Depending on how much data you need to collect from the poll, you might want to consider extending the poll length to more than a day. But if you need to create a sense of urgency in the mind of your followers, you can make the poll length last for a day.

Use hashtags

Hashtags will help more people aside from your followers, find your polls when they are looking for something related to your brand, thereby increasing your brand’s popularity. You can decide to use hashtags like #dailypoll or use your brand’s name, #CNNQuestionoftheWeek.

Link polls to your site

The polls do not have to end in twitter. You can push traffic to your website through twitter polls. How do you do this? Create a quiz on your website, tweet some questions from the quiz on your twitter, and add a link back to your website for followers who would love to take the entire questionnaire.

You can also use twitter poll to establish your brand as a thought leader by creating twitter polls surrounding trending topics related to your industry and asking your followers for their opinion.

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