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Press Releases

Get acquainted with this marketing tool to help extend your reach and get media attention.

A press release is an economical advertising strategy for those with a tight budget. You can create informational content about your company and send it to local publications, journals, and website to publish for free.

Through a press release, you can create more awareness about your products and services both online and offline in the most professional way and most times without paying a dime for the advert.

It’s one of the best methods to keep people updated with the offers you have to offer in a way that it stays in their memory for an extended period.

A press release can cover any topic be it new inventions, research, products, services, applications, programs, and employees. You can also make a press release when planning special events like charity or awards. You can write on any subject as long as there is sufficient information about it.

Control your story using a press release

The business world is unpredictable with so many false rumors spring up to cause damage to the reputation of brands. You can tackle this negative trend through a press release.

A press release gives you the power to control the story of your business.

When something negative such as high employee turnover or liquidation rocks the news, you can write a press release telling the real side of the story and debunking rumors.

You can also share information about new product alert or explain the value of your product to help prospective customers decide if it’s a good fit for them.

It can also be useful for recalling of defective products, apology statements, safety concerns, and so on.

Become an industry expert

Have you recently published an ebook or white paper on an important subject? How about writing a press release to give your readers insight into what to expect when they get to read them?

A press release after writing a white paper or ebook further validates your credibility and passes your brand as an expert in the industry who had to go the extra mile to release press statements about a recent accomplishment.

Improve your SEO

A well-written press release helps to improve your search rank organically. It will either appear on the top search page or the news section of Google.

However, you’ll need to write a compelling press release that will get many views, engagements, and shares. In essence, it has to go viral for it to rank high in search engines.

Another advantage of a viral press release is that it gets picked and published by top blogs, website, media outlets, etc.

The results are mentions, links, brand recognition, referrals, which would generate massive traffic to your site and boost your brand.

Distributing your press release

Writing a press release is one step. The next step is distribution. If you have an active website and you have successfully built your mail list, you can always make use of it to distribute the release.

You can also try to expand your reach by distributing your press release across multiple channels such as magazines, trade journals, blogs, e-newsletters, a local newspaper, etc. Some will publish it for free, while others will demand a token fee.

When considering these distribution channels, especially those online, it is crucial to ensure you choose those with a highly targeted list that will increase your brand’s visibility to prospects.

Feature press release on your website

Aside from other distribution channels, you can also publish press releases on your business website for your customers that get essential updates about your products and services.

Publishing it on your website can also provide adequate information about your products and services to your website visitors and influence their decision to buy.

If you take the extra effort to make it search engine optimized, you will also improve your search ranking, generate traffic and leads, and boost sales.

Social media can extend your reach

Want the information on your press release to get more exposure? Consider using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Pinterest.

You can also try out other platforms you feel can help you reach your target audience and increase visibility.

Making your press release go viral

Not every press release will go viral as they might only get to people in the mailing list of your distribution channel.

However, if you pay attention to essential details when writing a press release, you’ll be able to produce contents that your followers and subscribers will be eager to share without any prompting.

Headlines for the win

One way to compel readers to view your release is by crafting world-class headlines. Without this in place, your content may not be able to engage them for five seconds.

Headlines are incredibly useful in capturing the reader’s mind, and this is what most press release writers struggle with and end up tripping.

To craft a good headline, have the following in mind:

  • It has to evoke a sense of shock in the mind of the reader that will prompt them to get more information
  • A good headline is a combination of fun and facts as regular headlines can be boring
  • It must be clear and concise if you to get it published by distribution channels
  • It must be able to convey the central message of the press release in one line
  • Consider using data and statistics to increase the credibility
  • Make it compelling and engaging answering questions by anticipating the reader’s needs
  • It must be something of interest and relevance to your target audience
  • A good press release headline must be spontaneous and include surprise elements

A professional PR copywriter must write a proper press release

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