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Sales Letters

Use this marketing tool to promote your products and services to more people. A well-written sales letter can persuade the reader to make an immediate purchase and even get orders to do the same through word-of-mouth referral.

Add some spice to your marketing strategy with a sales letter

Extend your market reach with a combination of the digital and traditional style of marketing by crafting a sales letter and sending it via email and direct mail.

 Most marketers currently rely on the digital method of advertising other methods to the background. A smart marketer knows it’s not reasonable to alienate different ways that can be equally useful to achieve a marketing objective.

Marketers who use sales letter to reach their target audience will continue winning in the business scene because of their marketing strategy.

With a well-crafted sales letter, you can easily inform a broad audience about your products and services, generate new leads, convert prospects to customers, and drive traffic to your website.

When your sales letter can clearly define what the reader will gain by making a purchase, you’ve got a loyal customer.

Getting desired results with your sales letter

Not all sales letter brings tales of success. Some might end up in the receivers trash can sometimes even before they get to open the message or having read it halfway.

It could be disheartening not to get a positive response from the receiver after all the effort you had put in to craft an excellent sales letter.

However, you need to follow a formula if you hope to craft a sales letter that will lead to conversion. You should ensure its answering every question on the mind of the reader.

A good sales letter should come with a captivating headline to grab the readers attention. The headline should be able to inform the reader what to expect if they keep on reading.

It should be able to show a genuine understanding of the perceived problem of the reader and how your product or services is the best solution.

The reader should be able to trust the source of the letter, and that can only happen if you find a way to establish industry credibility.

And even after getting the reader to peruse the letter, you also need to include a call to action that clearly tell the reader what you want from them.

The online sales letter

If you are only familiar with the traditional sales letter sent with other direct mail packages such as a brochure and order form, you need to update your knowledge.

You can post your online sales letter on your website to get people visiting to see it.

Create a preferably lengthy online sales letter that every information website visitors will need to make a purchase.

To make your online sales letter a hit, you’ll need to craft it in a way that fits the digital space by including testimonials of real people who have used your products and have positive reviews.

You will also need to add the offers and guarantees with former giving the readers detailed information of the price and any other bonuses or gifts that come with the product while the later assures them of the product they are about the purchase.

The online sales letter should also include attractive headlines and a persuasive opening paragraph that will establish the company’s credibility as an industry expert.

 Go further to reveal the purpose of the sales letter through subheadings to make it easy for the reader to navigate.

You also need to include facts and figures that validate your credibility and expel all forms of suspicion from the mind of your reader

Ensure you include a call to action with a sense of urgency to compel your readers who are really in need of your products or services to place an order.

Things to note when creating a sales letter

  • Choosing the right words
  • Using short paragraphs
  • Make the headline compelling
  • Include subheadings for easy perusing
  • Use intelligent hookers to keep readers interested
  • Add bullets for highlighting concise points
  • Include a call to action
  • Add a postscript

Get a copywriter to write an outstanding sales letter

To get readers to act on your sales letter and purchase your products and services, you need to tell them what they want to hear. And who is in a better position to anticipate the readers need if not an experienced copywriter who have crafted thousands of sales letter.

If you decide to write the sales letter yourself, out of excitement, you might miss out some of the essential features of your products and services that may appeal to the readers.

On the opposite, an experienced copywriter will professionally write an attractive description of your products and services without missing any feature or making exaggeration.

Think about it; it’s easier for someone to write about the credibility of your products and services without sounding too modest or exaggerating the facts.

Due to the years of experience, a copywriter can produce a sales letter that would create a memorable picture in the mind of the readers that even if they don’t make an immediate purchase, the details remain top of mind.

When writing a sales letter, the call to action should be able to tell the reader that they would lose an opportunity to purchase if they don’t do it within a specific period.

Only an experienced copywriter would be in a better position to add such call to action in a way that the readers would not doubt it for a second. It does take skills and the right use of words.

Writers also know how to use the power of imagination to make readers yearn for the experience your products and services will give them.

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