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Landing Pages

Rather than allow web visitors go straight to your home page which has a different distracting menu, why not lead them to a landing page which you have specially created for marketing or advertising purposes?

Get visitors to click on your landing page

Home pages are no longer required to lead visitors who found your website link through Google search engine. You can direct them to your landing page.

You can link your landing pages to Google Ads and other pay-per-click ads for it to show up in different search results and drive traffic to where you have your promotional products and services

Use the power of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked, and others to lead your target audience to your landing pages for complete conversion. You can also try email marketing to extend your reach.

Generate Leads

The goal of the landing page is not solely for conversion but also to generate leads that will serve as a platform for email marketing or retargeting purposes.

Get your landing page written in a way that even if the visitor is not ready to purchase the first visit, they can add their email addresses and other personal information for direct communication and eventual conversion.

To be able to have your hands on their personal information, you need to add an incentive such as offering them things of interest-free.

It could be something educative, and industry relates to helping establish you as an industry expert and provide them with more information about a specific product or service which they offer.

Think towards ebooks, whitepapers, checklists, reports, webinars, podcast, consultation services, free trials, e-courses, discount coupons, contest entries, or whatever you feel your target audience would appreciate.

Help visitors focus by eliminating distractions

You can create different landing pages to meet various target markets. It doesn’t have to be one landing page for all the products and services you have to offer.

Moreover, your landing page has limited menu options. You cannot add features like internal page links or sidebars on it and expect visitors to focus on your products and services.

When a visitor clicks on your link, you are sure that they are halfway convinced about purchasing your product and services.

But then, for full conversion, you need to take them to a landing page prepared to serve that purpose. It must be specially crafted to contain all the information they need to compel them to place an order.

Track your landing page analytics

Every online marketing strategy needs constant tracking and monitoring to ensure you are doing it right.

To know if your landing page is working or has a chance for success, you need to track its analytics to gain valuable insights.

It is essential to know the number of visitors that come to your page and the amount of time they spend.

You should also keep track of the number of emails you were able to get to continue with the marketing and try to convert them.

Craft a landing page that converts prospects to customers

Your landing page is like your offline front store. How do you create a landing page that will guide a visitor to conversion?

Invest in a killer headline

First, you need to create a headline that closes mind distractions and allows visitors to focus on the content of the page. Keep your headline clear, concise, and free from unnecessary jargons.

Most of the landing page visitors will not read every word you’ve painstakingly put down. They are only scanning, trying to get the key information they need from the page.

Your headline draws their attention and keeps it until they come to the subheads which give strengthens their resolve to keep scrolling down

Include other necessary features

After the headline and subhead, you can concentrate on other things such as the paragraphs, images, bullet points.

You will also need to write a clear statement of benefits, include testimonials from various customers that have used your products or services.

Then finally and most importantly, a call to action that explains the value of your offer and how important it is for your prospect to take action.

Most times, the call to action should be on the bottom page as a sort of conclusion note. But if your landing page is going to be a lengthy one, you need the CTA at every major section.

Concentrate on the benefits

Everyone wants to know what’s in for them and not what you have to offer.

When crafting your landing page copy, concentrate on how your products and services will be of advantage to the prospect.

The prospects don’t want to know if you have a ten-star hotel, all they are interested in is how many levels of comfort the hotel will bring them.

What are the significant features the ten-star hotel possesses that you won’t find in an 8 star? Is it just because of the location, or would they find the utmost level of comfort?

Seat back and watch your landing page execute tasks

When you have successfully set up your landing page with all the necessary information and methods of generating leads, you can rest knowing you’ve played your part.

With the perfect landing page, you don’t need to bother about lead generation. It will automatically take care of that part and bring the leads to your doorstep while you focus on other marketing strategies.

The essence of a quality copywriter

Creating a landing page that will inform, generate leads, and convert requires skills and technicalities.

Copywriters know the exact tone and style of writing to use when writing a landing page.

They know that simplicity is the best when it comes to writing it since they have no idea of the literary strength of your target audience. They only need to concentrate on converting them,

Copywriters also know when to come up with unique words that will help in selling. They avoid clichés such as “once in a lifetime opportunity,” integrated solutions” and so on.

They also know the importance of a call to action to the landing page and the exact words to use that will lead to a high conversion rate.

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