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Ten Creative Ways to Hype A New Product on Social Media

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Ten Creative Ways to Hype A New Product on Social Media

Hype A New Product

After working so hard to get everything perfect about your new product, it’s time to launch it. But, you’ve been wondering how you can get people excited about it. Would you be able to make sales or even attract more followers?

Will your product launch bring the various social media networks to a halt or will people just comment “Oh” and move on with their lives?

Here we are going to share some tips that will prevent the later from happening! You’ll find out how you can set goals and involve the right people and tools that will make your product launch a success.

Here are a few ways that you can hype a new product before it is released to avoid failing.

Have a goal and set a timeline

First, you need to decide how you want the product launch to go. Do you want your followers to get excited or do you want almost everyone on Instagram to drop a question about the product on its launch date? Are you hoping to make sales, or do you want new followers and engagement?

When you have a goal in mind, it becomes easy to come up with effective strategies to ensure your product gets the necessary publicity.

Setting a timeline also helps to know how much time you have left in your hands to hype the product in a big way or to use available resources.

Now you can get creative…

Show behind the scenes

Get your followers involved by showing them the production process. Take them on a journey.

You can even show them from the very beginning when you got the raw materials from the manufacturers until you package the product. Doing this will help build customer’s trust as they will feel you are letting them in on a secret.

Post videos showing hard work and consistency in making the product so they can appreciate it more.

Here you’ll be feeding their emotions, and they’ll want to purchase because of your transparency and dedication.

Tell a compelling story

We are in the age of storytellers, and if you’re not one, get one for yourself.

 Your audience would love to see the part your product plays in a real-life scenario. They want to know the relationship between the product with other people. A story will help them imagine life should they purchase the product.

You could create this story using another business environment or on the street, which helps in showcasing the life and culture of that place. It will attract followers that are familiar with the location and even the owner of the business you showcased.

Use a direct hashtag

If you are going to introduce and hype a new product on social media, you had better use the product’s name for followers to see. For example, if you plan on hyping a new hair product known as Devoni, write an intro about it and a hashtag of it #Devoni.

You can also involve your followers to use the same hashtag when making a post with a promise you’ll repost. This method works more when your brand is a popular one, and your followers want to be associated with you.

Give a well-detailed sneak peek

Get your followers interested and wanting for more by giving them sneak peeks of the product before launching. Keep them wondering! Make them curious so that their eyes become fixed on their feed or your profile waiting for the next action.

You can have a timeline drawn for this as well. Set out the hours or days you’ll give a sneak peek about the product.

Drop clues that will trigger interest. Let them know something big is coming.

Think giveaways

To make your followers all over you, try some giveaways before the product launch day. Nothing feels better than getting a new product before everyone even knows how it looks.

Assign some tasks to accomplish before the giveaway such as following other accounts, liking the contest post and reposting.

When your followers win the giveaway prize, there is a vast tendency they will create awareness of it on their page. You can also request they do it.

Work with influencers

If you don’t want to take any chances, then you might want to get an influencer to help hype your new product.

You cannot overlook the role of influencers in getting people to know about your product. It works like magic all the time!

You can even increase its effectiveness by getting the influencers to make posts about the new product at the same time. But you’ll need to include using influencers in your social media marketing budget, especially if they are popular.

However, you can still use less popular influencers by gifting them some of the product samples and ask them to give their review on the agreed launch day. It would make the new product appear on feeds of their followers and pique their interest to know more.

Plan a social event

Like a typical product launching. You want people to know about your new product then you’ve got to go all out. However, this event is not for the product launch but to create further awareness and to build more excitement from your followers.

It will get them wondering what the product is all about and why you are putting this much effort into releasing it. If you don’t make a big deal out of something, nobody will. You’ve got to sing your praises before others will join.

So, get a venue and invite influencers, music, stand up comedians, raffle draws, and everything that will make the event successful.

Announce pre-orders

Yes, you know your product is so good that people would want to make pre-orders. You have the confidence that the product will come out well, so you are ready to make sales.

Allowing preorders will increase enthusiasm among your followers. Many of them will want to be the first to get hold of the product and so they won’t hesitate to place their orders.


Not because you don’t have the money to sponsor your social media marketing strategies, but because you want more publicity surrounding the product.

People will take about your business needing money for advertising. Those who contributed will also want others to learn of their good deed. And so, the news continues to spread until you are ready to launch your new product.


Don’t wait until your product is launched before you start marketing it. Start to build hype in the early stages, even when the product is still being developed. Segment the market within your overall target audience. Test your product, and blog about it.

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