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Ebook Writing

Inform and engage your audience

Impress your readers with in-depth knowledge of your industry by choosing a complicated topic to cover to inform and educate your readers.

 Keep them engaged on your site or with your brand with classified information but in a fun and creative way.

Stay winning above your competitors by going the extra mile to keep your readers interested in your service offering by offering them information on subjects that interests them.

Build credibility as a thought leader

Get readers to see your brand as an authority in the industry with a deep wealth of knowledge they can tap from any time they are lost or in need of any information.

You can achieve more credibility and trust from your followers and target audience through a quality written ebook, and not some poorly written book that adds no value to the reader.

With real-time examples and strong views concerning the subject discussed in your ebook, customers and prospects will come to trust your brand as one with in-depth experience and would not hesitate to patronize your products or services.

Ebooks remain one of the best and fastest ways to build your brand in a positive light in your industry and cultivate long term relationships with clients and customers.

Use ebooks as a marketing tool

Ebooks, while helping to educate or inform readers on a given subject, can also serve as a marketing tool to influence the buying decisions of your customer.

While writing an ebook, you can introduce your company as a solution provider by citing problems noticeable in the industry and showing how your company was able to mitigate the challenges.

You can do this by citing case studies or sharing clients experience as a way to support your claims.

However, you want to do this in the most natural tone so that your readers don’t suspect you are trying to advertise your company as this could make the book and your brand lose credibility.

You can achieve this subtleness by engaging the services of an ebook writer with years of experience on how to naturally include marketing materials in an ebook without the readers suspect a thing.

Improve your SEO

Search Engine Optimization is always the focus of brands that want to stay top of mind to their customers while spreading their reach for a new audience.

You can improve your search ranking by repurposing them into ungated pillar pages, which provides high-quality content to your readers and gets multiple shares in return.

However, to achieve this, you’ll have to ensure you don’t gate the ebooks like the ones you offer your website viewers in exchange for their email address. If they get gated, search engines would be unable to crawl through them.

You can also include links in the ebooks that will lead to your landing pages so that visitors can get more information about your products and services.

Build a mail list with an ebook

Get people to drop their contacts by offering your ebook as a gift in your site and prompting them to input their name and email address to get it.

As you must have noticed, not many people are willing to subscribe to a website, especially when nothing is compelling them.

Sometimes, even when you offer an ebook, some people find it hard submitting their email address as they see it as something personal not to share online.

Those that end up giving their email address will only do so because they are in dire need of the information your ebook would provide them. This way, you’ve got your quality leads through ebook writing.

And through this means, you can create your mailing list to use in the future to alert them of a new product or similar content in the future.

Get Ebook writers to do the job

Writing a quality ebook takes time since you’ll need to do thorough research to get your facts in information right.

You can save yourself the time and energy used in research to focus on other aspects of your business while you outsource the task to an experienced ebook writer.

Also, it is possible to feel stuck while writing an ebook as you struggle to find the right words that can fit into what you are trying to portray.

You might be experiencing this challenge because you are mentally stressed. What you need is a break while an ebook writer finishes up the job in the same tone and style as yours. Yes, it’s possible!

All you need is to provide them with detailed information of how you want to book to turn out, and they will come up with corresponding outlines, compelling headings, and subheading.

An experienced ebook writer provides a quick turnaround

If you’ve ever tried writing a book, you’ll understand the above statement. It takes some people for more than six months to complete a book that an experienced writer will conclude in two weeks.

Most people experience challenges such as writer’s block, inability to write in an organized way or even put words together in a coherent form.

Everyone has a skill, and maybe writing isn’t one of yours, but some people have committed their entire lives to write creative contents that would automatically engage the mind of readers.

These set of writers have no problem conveying your ideas to readers in the most precise and concise manner. Although this depends on the word count, you require.

Experienced ebook writers concern themselves with creating content that will provide value to readers and generate a positive response.

They also have no challenges with writer’s block and find it easy to produce the best content within a short period.

You can get the full package

Some people might prefer the writers only write while others might prefer the complete package which includes interviews, developing an outline, writing, proofreading and editing, formatting, graphic design, unlimited revisions, and more.

What we offer:

  • Experienced native English speakers who write ebooks in different niches
  • Thoroughly researched ebooks using the most efficient methods of information gathering
  • Quick turnarounds without compromising the ebook’s quality
  • Well proofread and edited content for maximum quality control
  • Ebook formatting and design support
  • 100% unique content passed through Copyscape to check for plagiarism
  • Unlimited revisions until our customers get satisfied

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