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If you are familiar with scriptwriting, you’ll know its way more complicated than the regular fiction writing.

Scriptwriting concentrates more on the technicalities to help bring a story to life. It shows the camera what to focus on as well as the dialogue and actions for the character.

When writing a script, you are not thinking of using eloquent words like a fiction writer; instead, you are trying to see how best you can explain a scene as plain as possible.

Video making and its importance for your business

Video making is one of the best marketing strategies you can use to communicate on another level to your target audience.

You can use it to interact with them through tv commercials, YouTube, and most social media platforms for product demos, tutorials, commercial spot, and so on.

However, videos like other forms of content need to be captivating from the beginning if you wish to keep your audience engaged until the end.

Most viewers would only give you the benefit of the doubt for a few seconds, and if they are not impressed, they hit mute or opt out.

If the videos are impressive, your viewers will share them, and it becomes viral, which helps to generate more traffic to your social media page or website.

How then do you create videos that will captivate your viewers’ attention and keep them loving every bit of action until the end?

Scriptwriting, the blueprint to video making

Script writing is one of the first steps in making a video.

It doesn’t matter what kind of video you are hoping to create be it a short video or a motion picture; you need a script to give directions on how to about it.

A script will help to describe every action involved in the video, including the dialogue and various shots of the video.

It helps to plan the video from the narration to the locations where the video would get shot. It determines if they would make use of an actor or stick with the voice-over narrative.

Creating captivating and attention keeping scripts

Your opening statement opens the door

To write a killer script that will increase engagement with your audience and with a high probability of going viral, you need to focus on your opening statement.

For your opening line, rather than opting for a boring introduction, you can straight up state the perceived problems and present the solution in quick succession. Remember, you need to capture their attention.

Stay focused on the story

You should ensure not to waste any second on irrelevant scenes as it could irritate your viewers and cause them to close the video without hesitation.

Keep the concept of the story at the back of your mind when writing, and if you hope to include extras such as something humorous to make your audience laugh, don’t take too much time.

Moreover, you should be careful the kind of humor you inject into your scripts as some famous brands have lost massive followers due to the insensitive humor videos they put out.

Make meaningful transitions

Always remember that your video is not all about what you want your customers to see, but what they want to see. And that’s another difference between a script and a fiction writer.

Fiction writers can control their story, but a scriptwriter needs to acknowledge the audience.

When a transition from one scene to another, it should be in a way the audience can relate and understand. In the end, it is what you want your audience to understand from your video that matters.

Investing in a professional scriptwriter

Getting a professional scriptwriter to join your video making team is as essential as using a camera to shoot the video.

You can’t hire an animator, camera operators, and actors then decide to write the script yourself if you have no experience in scriptwriting.

Scriptwriting is a very technical task and requires professionals to take care of it if you hope for your videos to make a positive impact on your audience.

Can differentiate the difference between regular writing and script

Most inexperienced people would try to write scripts like fiction writing, but an experienced writer knows that there is a clear cut difference between them

They are well aware that scripts concentrate more on the performance of the story than the use of literary and ambiguous words.

The use of ambiguous words is unnecessary since the audience are not going to get the script to read, but the video it translates. Instead, they know how to emphasize words and actions so that when it’s being acted out, the audience can feel the impact.

So here, they are not trying to write to win a Nobel prize for literature, but they are aiming at generating leads and boost sales for their clients.

Write short and concise stories

If you have tried everything possible to cut short that long story and it feel like you are tampering with the most exciting part of it, you need to get yourself a professional scriptwriter.

They can scan through your 1000 page story and cut it short to a 3 page without losing the concept or flavor.

They have the skills to remove unnecessary phrases and replace with sleek metaphors that make the story more interesting to read through and act.

Professional scriptwriters also know how to make use of plain English that will appeal to all form of viewers rather than using industry specific words that might be too technical to understand.

This talent doesn’t come easy; it is as a result of years and years of experience working with different video production, including for marketing and advertising purposes.

Eliminate grammar and spelling errors

With a professional scriptwriter, you don’t need to get worried about grammar and spelling errors although we admit this is not paramount in scriptwriting and video making.

However, it is crucial that a script is readable to avoid confusion of any sort that could end up in the characters making mistakes that could sabotage the whole video.

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