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White papers can do everything and more for your business. With different types of white papers to choose from, you can use it as a tool for brand building, creating awareness, generating sales leads, conversion, building a mail list and even increasing your likes on Facebook.

Establish your brand as an authority in your industry

White papers are essential for building a positive brand image.

Depending on the content quality of the white paper, your clients, customers, and even website visitors will start seeing you as a thought leader in your industry.

When your brand becomes recognized as an industry expert, the conversion rate of visitor becomes high.

If you choose to focus on brand building through white papers, you can always add a short company description at the end of the article describing the services you offer. It doesn’t have to be anything persuasive.

Use one of the most powerful marketing tools

White papers help a business go the extra mile in reaching a specific audience, generating leads, and ensuring customer loyalty.

It aims to educate readers while persuading them to take action at the same time. It contains both educational and direct marketing content in one piece.

A quality white paper tends to inform the readers about specific facts and statistics in your industry, citing some problems and naturally positioning your business as a guaranteed solution.

Most leads generated through white papers almost always leads to conversion, making it one of the most effective marketing tools with a high conversion rate.

Build a robust mailing list

Mailing lists are another vital marketing tool that keeps you in touch with your prospects while subtly reminding them to make a purchase.

Creating a mail list is not an easy task to achieve, especially when you don’t have anything tangible to offer the visitors in exchange for their contact details.

Few people would want to sign up to your newsletter solely for website or business updates. This reason is why writing a white paper is essential.

White papers help in creating an authentic email list by providing your website visitors free access to your whitepaper on an appealing subject.

The topic of the white paper needs to be something related to your website or blog. Also, ensure it has a captivating headline that will spike the interest of your website visitors and make them willing to give up their email address to learn more.

Now we’ve established the fact that white papers are necessary evils for businesses both online and offline; the next step is writing the whitepaper. How do you write a high-quality white paper that puts you in the position of an expert in your niche or industry?

Get a white paper copywriter today!

Don’t yield to the temptation of writing a white paper by yourself because you feel like a jack of all trade.

You may not be proud of the content you produce, and it could make you feel indifferent to white paper marketing, which would be terrible.

Avoid giving it to an inexperienced employee or friend while attempting to save cost because it could end up like the ever classical penny wise pound foolish story with lots of time and efforts wasted.

If you want a quality white paper that would give you a high ROI, then consider hiring a white paper copywriter.

Primary duties of a white paper copywriter

  • Saves your time and energy
  • Produce high-quality content with quick turnaround
  • Write like an expert in your industry through thorough research
  • Provides full white paper services including designs and other essentials

Value your time, get a copywriter

Imagine trying to come up with the perfect white paper content, but whenever you get to the third line, you delete every word and start again. And you’ve done this ten times in two minutes. Frustration sets in, accompanied by headache and overall general body weakness.

Your time is going, efforts futile…

Change the narrative and get your energy and sanity back by hiring a professional writer to help you quickly come up with the professional words that got you struggling in a short time.

With a professional writer, you don’t need to make endless explanations on what to expect neither do you need to keep reviewing a countless number of times because they hit the bull’s eyes at the first draft. Thrilling right?

Sound like an industry expert with the help of a writer

Remember how white papers portrays your brand as a thought leader in your industry? Well, only a quality white paper can help you achieve it.

No one is going to think highly of your brand if your content contents wrong information and statistics due to poor research of the subject matter.

Writers with years of experience would be able to write contents related to your industry even if they are hearing about it for the first time. They do this by carrying out extensive research to ensure they have all the necessary information to write on the subject.

Get the full package with a professional writer

Creating white paper content is more than writing texts. You’ll need to format the text for a professional appearance, add infographics, design each page, etc.

You also need to ensure the content is search engine optimized because at the end of the day; you need to draw traffic to your website.

Some writers would only agree to provide the text for your white paper while the professionals will offer the full package because they have excellent skills.

Professionals would also be able to distinguish between the types of whitepapers, the best one for your business at that particular time.

Get professional copywriters for your white paper marketing today!

Here is what to expect from our white paper services:

  • Thoroughly researched and referenced whitepaper
  • Text only or full package white papers depending on your choice
  • Writing with the right words to establish industry credibility
  • A white paper that leads to conversion without even trying hard
  • Well written and proofread eliminating errors of all kind
  • Written by copywriting experts with years of experience
  • Unique content checked with Copyscape

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