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Newsletters can come in any form. You can structure it to contain:

  • Case study
  • Field news
  • Industry trends
  • New company plans
  • Motivation or success stories
  • Manual guide for product usage
  • Information about new products
  • Facts and figures of the industry
  • Website links

Keep in touch with customers

Sending newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and prospects to build trust, loyalty, and credibility.

You can maintain your current audience while introducing the new ones to your company through regular newsletters.

With the new way of sending newsletters through emails, it becomes much easier to stay on your subscriber’s mind all year long updating them about your products and services and any new offerings.

You can also inform them of your presence in various social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other relevant platforms where they can connect and stay in touch with the brand.

Nurture your leads, convert prospects to customers

Once you have reached a new set of audience via subscription, keep them attached to your brand by sending them newsletters with information about your industry they will find useful and cannot quickly get from anywhere else.

It helps in positioning your company as an authority in the industry, which makes prospects trust your brand and find it easy to place orders when there is a need.

When your newsletter always contains relevant information, prospects will smoothly turn to customers as they will always look forward to reading from your brand and might one day stumble on one of your product promotion.

You can also expand your reach even without the ad campaigns by requesting your subscribers share the newsletter after reading.

Market with style using the newsletter

Most email users get scared to open their emails because of the numerous advertisement in every corner of their inbox. Sometimes, they go on a deleting mode without even checking the contents of the email.

Every business wants to convert more leads and boost sales and so cannot help but send marketing materials to their audience.

However, you can make your business stand out by marketing subtly to your prospects through the use of the newsletter.

Get the readers interested in the information about trends and topics surrounding your industry before trying to promote your products, albeit in the most natural way that won’t give room for suspicion.

You can send newsletters to any of your contacts, and they are sure to receive it since it doesn’t qualify as a spam mail.

Quality content makes the difference between two newsletters

Newsletters help to attract customers to your brand. But when you write it in a dull and lifeless way with no relevant information, it becomes a complete turnoff.

Most subscribers would not hesitate to immediately unsubscribe when they observe your company’s newsletter is only taking up their email’s space and adds no value to them.

When crafting a newsletter to send to your audience, you need to be in their shoes mentally. What do you think they relevant coming from your company? Is it information they won’t mind coming in daily? Or would they prefer it once a month?

When crafting a newsletter, it is vital to take on a conversational tone to get the readers in a relaxed mood and reading every word.

You should start with a captivating headline that would make it impossible for your prospect not to open the letter immediately.

When going through the body of the letter, the reader should be able to feel the vibrancy from the writer of the newsletter to be able to share their excitement.

If possible, add some behind the scene stories to the newsletter to spice things up from the imaginary tales you’ve been sending them.

Most importantly add some breakup elements after each text paragraph, something like an image or a GIF to attract and keep their attention till the end of the letter.

Why getting a copywriter for your newsletters is necessary

There are lots of reasons to outsource your newsletter crafting task to copywriters.

For starters, if you are always busy with your team and find yourself procrastinating on typing and sending out newsletters, then you need a copywriter ASAP.

No experience writing newsletters

Newsletters are not the same as sending a letter to your best friend from college. It takes skills and expertise to craft a winning newsletter that will instantly draw out loyalty even from prospects.

If you have not written one before, don’t give yourself a mental breakdown trying to figure it out because it can be complicated. If you don’t get a line or feature right, you risk ruining the newsletter.

Get a copywriter to prevent that from happening!

Copywriters use the perfect headline to hook readers

 Only an experienced writer knows the right combination of words to create a compelling headline that will stop readers in their tracks and make them read through.

Experienced copywriters have created more than 10000 newsletters and so have an in-depth knowledge of how headlines can make the difference in your newsletter.

They know the importance of action words and audience preference when brainstorming for the perfect headline and would always come up with the best.

Newsletters are not making any impact

You also need a copywriter if you can be honest with yourself that your newsletters are not bringing any return on investment.

There has been no increase on click-through rates, or less than one percent of your subscribers have bothered even to open the newsletter you sent to their email.

You still use a template from Microsoft word since you cannot get a recent design for your newsletters (and believe it or not, designs go a long way to attract reading)

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