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Here’s How You Can Actually Make Money on YouTube in 2021

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Here’s How You Can Actually Make Money on YouTube in 2021

Make Money on YouTube

Ad revenue is the most evident way to make money on YouTube. But it’s not the only way—or, to be honest, the best way. There are diverse ways to make money on YouTube.

If you wish to make a large amount of money, put your products in front of a broad audience, and what larger online audience can you get aside from YouTube, which has more than 1.8 million active users making it the second most visited online site.

Every 1000 video views fetch about $2-$4 dollars, which might seem small until you upload more than 50 videos and get about 5,000 from each of them. Yes, you would not get rich overnight by becoming a YouTuber, but it can get you some decent passive income. And if you are consistent in creating quality video content, you will have more money than you can spend, and that’s a fact!

However, due to the new rules from YouTube, you will not be able to monetize your channel if you don’t have up to 10,000-lifetime views. This rule has made it difficult for not so famous people to earn an income immediately,  set up the account.

So, how do you work against this rule and still get some money out of YouTube in your first month of creating the account? Let’s look at some smart ways you can make money on YouTube.

Smart ways to make money on YouTube

Set up your account

If you already have a YouTube account, that’s great. But if not, the first obvious step is by creating one. To do this, go to and sign up. After you are done with the process, sign in with your new username and password to go to your profile.

Click on the profile icon, and you’ll see settings, click on it, and you’ll see the “create a channel.” Go with the business channel option when creating a channel.

 When you’ve successfully created it, start by completing your profile. Filling out your profile will help boost your SEO ranking and have people see your videos and come to your channel to see what it’s all about.

Use the right keywords when writing your channel description, although you should be careful about the number of keywords you use. Create thumbnails and ensure the layout and colors are perfect.

Add video contents

After setting up your profile with keyword optimization, you need to start uploading content on it. Ensure that your video quality is high and in line with YouTube’s guidelines. Shoot videos in areas with proper lighting and use quality video editing software to perfect your videos.

 Don’t aim to make long videos; instead, think of the value your videos can add to the life of viewers. Identify their pain points and create videos to solve their problems.

After creating your videos, please include the appropriate titles and descriptions. Also, add relevant keywords in the first line of your channel description to boost SEO.

Remember to stick to a regular schedule when creating a video so that your subscribers know when to expect a video from you.

Promote your YouTube channel

If you are going to get people to see your videos to get up to the first 10,000 views, you need to promote your videos and channel. To become a partner who qualifies you to monetize your blog, you need subscribers.

You can promote through different means such as social media, email marketing, blogging, and so on. Send your videos to your social media accounts, optimizing the message to fit every platform.

When you promote your channel, you can comfortably build an audience to make it easy for monetization. And then, keep on creating excellent video content that will make your audience come back for more.

Monetize your videos

Creating a YouTube channel does not mean automatic you can earn from it automatically. You need to monetize your video by going to and click on “My Channel.” There is a link at the top bar of the channel called “Video Manager,” click on it to take you to your channel where you can enable monetization.

Set up Google Ad-sense

You need where you can withdraw your earnings, and since you can’t do it directly with YouTube, you need a Google Adsense account. You can get an account for free by visiting the Adsense account and clicking the signup button. To get your information verified, you need to include your PayPal or bank account details.

While you wait for your channel to get 10,000-lifetime views, you can use it to make money in diverse ways. Here are some of them:

Promote your products on YouTube

Create products and advertise them on YouTube to boost sales. Creating doesn’t mean an industrial machine; you can write ebooks, build mobile apps, music, arts, and so on. These products will be natural to sell to your vast audience and fetch you some cash.

Try affiliate marketing

If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, it simply means selling a company or individual’s products and earning a commission on each product sold. You can become an affiliate for lots of companies looking for third parties to get their products in front of consumers for some juicy profit.

You can try affiliate marketing with your YouTube channel by showing reviewing the product and showing your viewers how to use the products through tutorials.

Search for creative ways to get your audience interested in the products you are marketing. You can try product unboxing. To do this, create a video where you open the product’s package to unveil the product and some other accessories that may have come with it.

You can also create training videos for complicated products to put the users through on how to use the product and fix any challenge they might encounter.

You can choose to place the affiliate links inside the videos or in your video description and add a call to action so that your viewers know what you expect them to do. When someone clicks your affiliate link, it takes them to the product page, and when they place an order, you get a commission.

Create a series

You can decide to create a hilarious video, news, sports, movies, and anything you fancy and turn it into a series to get more viewers and get paid. Creating video series are better ways to engage your audience and ensure they keep coming back for more while you encourage them to share to get more views, which translates to more money.

You can also learn about ways to increase your Youtube views here.

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