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Ten ways to get more views on YouTube

Getting more views on YouTube is becoming more difficult by the day considering the number of content creators on the platform who are either using it for personal purpose or business.

Due to the fierce competition on the platform, if you wish to get more views on YouTube, you need to take defined steps by investing time. You might also need to invest some funds to ensure your videos are of stellar quality, and they are also easy to find and look appealing to click.

In this article, we would explore different ways with which you can get more video views on YouTube to ensure they get seen by the millions of users on the platform.

Use the right keywords

If you are going to be successful in your YouTube endeavors even without using paid ads, you’ll have to remember to include keywords in all the recommended places such as your channel title and description, and video title and description. 

If you are going to get more views on a particular video, add the relevant keywords to the title and description. Not only will it inform potential viewers about its existence, but it also helps the YouTube algorithm locate it and recommend to YouTube visitors.

 Before posting a video, find the keywords that are relevant to the video and accessible among users. A pro tip is to use keywords searched every month. It should have nothing less than 1000 searches a month. 

However, when searching for high keywords, go for those with the lower competition but still top search results. Your titles should be clear and concise, but you can explain further about the video through its description.

Avoid using generated views

Some people believe that buying views when your site is not that popular will help. In their opinion, fake views could make real viewers stop to check out the video since the number of views determines the quality and popularity of the video or channel. 

There are lots of sites offering you instant YouTube views in exchange for money. Using these sites might get you more views that are not from real people, but you could get sanctioned if YouTube finds out that you’ve been using chatbots to boost your views. 

Moreover, views only do not determine your ranking. YouTube’s algorithm looks for more specific metrics such as the user’s behaviors, which include watching the video to the end, sharing the videos, engaging in comments, watching video playlist, and so on.

Create a brand

Some people would only watch videos of brands they recognize, so be sure you are not lagging in that aspect. You should customize your logo, channel art, and thumbnail to make it easier for first-time viewers to be able to recognize your videos whenever they see it on the search result. Attractively customize your thumbnail to make viewers want to click on the video.

Use video transcripts

You want to ensure that no one is missing out on your contents regardless of their language barriers by using the video transcript. You’ll be able to increase views from national to international when you make transcripts of your videos. It also increases the video’s rank in the search results page.

Respond to comments

You may not believe it, but responding to comments also boosts your viewers. Most viewers leave comments on the comment section as a sort of review about the video they’ve just watched. Some viewers who are mindful of their time will prefer checking out comments to see if other viewers thought the video was worth watching before they proceed to view the video. 

If a viewer who recently watched the video asks a question about the video or leaves a review about it, you should swiftly respond to the comment because it will show that you are not only concerned about creating the video, but what your audience thinks about it. It will also form a bond between you and the viewers, and they will be eager to check out your other videos and subscribe to watch new ones.

Moreover, responding to comment will also help to boost your rank on search results as YouTube’s algorithm is all about viewers’ behavior and not solely on views.

Use end screens

You can promote other videos you’ve created to videos while they are watching one of them through the use of end screens.  It’s all about asking your viewers to watch your other videos or talking about your channel at the end of a video. 

To add an end screen to your video, go to your video manager and click edit on the video; you want to add the end screen. Then select end screens and annotation to add end screens to the video.

Make video playlists

It is stressful for viewers to search for the continuation of part 2 of a video when they can watch the videos in one sitting. Make life easier for your viewers and get more views on other videos by creating a video playlist. When creating video playlists, choose only videos that relate to each other or those that tell a story.

Get some partnerships

You can start some YouTube collaboration with another YouTuber that works in the same niche and have the same number of followers. Through collaboration with other vloggers, you can get more views on your videos and even subscribers to your channel.

Get influencers

Another way to increase your views on YouTube is by choosing an influencer who has lots of subscribers to help promote your video. You will need first to crosscheck if the followers are real so that you don’t waste your money on things without results. 

Also, monitor the viewer’s engagement to see if there is an established trust or full of trolls. You also want to ensure they operate within your niche so you can naturally reach your target audience.

YouTube Ads

You can also use ads to increase the number of views on a specific video, get them to watch other videos, and ultimately subscribe to your channel by running campaign ads on the platform. You have different video ads to choose from, such as bumper ads, skippable, and unskippable video ads, overlay ads, sponsored cards, and displayed ads. 

With YouTube advertising, you have the option to choose your budget, target audience, and create contents for your video ad. However, you should know that the campaign cost depends on the location of your target audience. With the right advertising strategy, you can get people to view your videos.

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