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Professional Copywriting Services: Get Copy That Sells

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Professional Copywriting Services: Get Copy That Sells

Copywriting Services

Copywriting services entails writing copy. Copy applies to anything written with the intention of moving the audience to action. Copywriters translate the technical material of a company into a compelling but straightforward piece that leads to conversion. Some companies have their full-time copywriters. However, if you want your marketing materials written in a professional way that will appeal to your target audience with less cost, it serves you better to use a professional copywriting service.

If you are not a marketing agency or a large-sized corporation, keeping a full-time copywriter is not ideal considering the hourly wages and other benefits you have to provide them. With a copywriting service, you only need to engage them for as long as they complete the work. And they certainly don’t need your hourly wages or added benefits as they’ll only charge based on the project.

However, before you go about seeking professional copywriting services, here are a few things you need to know to help you find the right person:

Copywriting services

Here is a list of copywriting services you can pay copywriters to produce for you:

  • Landing pages
  • Websites
  • Sales letters
  • Press releases
  • Direct mails
  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Ads
  • Flyers
  • Direct mail
  • White papers
  • Product packaging

Top 10 FAQs for hiring a copywriter

Read through some of these common questions and find the appropriate answers to know what you want in a copywriter:

Where can I find copywriters?

Copywriters are everywhere but finding the right one that suits your needs matter. You can start by asking friends or colleagues to make a referral. If you have no luck with that, use Google and search for “copywriting services” or “freelance copywriters.” Ensure you add your industry name or geographical location at the end. For example, “freelance copywriter automobile” or “freelance copywriter Canada.”

When the results come up, view their writing samples to see if you like their writing style and quality of work. Check carefully for grammatical and spelling errors.

After making your pick from the numerous copywriters online, find out the copywriter’s rate and availability. Before agreeing with the price, find out if the copywriter is a generalist or a specialist. A generalist can write different sales copy for any industry while specialists only write direct mail or technical writing.

When you’ve agreed on a rate with someone who communicates the way you like, provide the complete job description and check if they can work with your time. It is essential to set a deadline, so the copywriter commits to your task.

Remember to ask for samples, and if possible, a paid written test so that you don’t work with someone who will produce a low-quality sales copy.

How do I provide the copywriter with information?

If you are hiring a freelance copywriter, there is a probability the person does not live in your country so you’ll need to make use of phones or Skype. But if the copywriter is in the same geographical location, you can request for an in-person meeting to discuss further details.

If the copywriter is not satisfied with the answers, he or she can ask questions and request more information.

Does the copywriter need to have experience in my industry?

Finding a copywriter who has experience writing sales copy in your industry is a plus. You won’t need to make to explain so much. But that doesn’t mean you should not accept those who haven’t written something similar.

 Some copywriters only need to research and read up some topics to become familiar with them. So, what you need to do is give the necessary information required to write the sales copy.

However, in some cases where the writing will include translating some highly technical terms, or you have a close deadline, you’ll want to play safe by hiring a copywriter with experience in your industry.

How much does a copywriting service cost?

Some copywriters might charge you based on an hourly rate while others on a project rate. Experienced copywriters will charge more while fresh ones cost less. Your budget needs to match the quality of the content you want.

Some will charge $50 per hour while others can cost up to $200. If you go for the hourly rate payment, be sure to ask the writer to tell you the number of hours for the project completion to know how much you’ll be paying.

If you are paying per project rate, the writer will have to consider the degree of research, several meeting, the technicality of the subject, and the number of hours needed to write.

Do I have the legal right to the copy after paying?

Yes, you do have sole rights to the copy after paying. You can use it h.ow you wish, reproducing and all No one else, even the copywriter has the right to use it without asking for permission.

What if the copywriter does not write to my expectations?

You can always ask them to do a rewrite. Provide feedback to the first draft citing what you don’t like and how to improve on it. Follow this pattern until you get satisfied with what the copywriter has written.

There is no point keeping quiet or sulking when a writer has done a lousy job. Take steps to correct it and get value for your money. If the previous information about what you want wasn’t clear to them, find a way to communicate in simpler terms.

Moreover, if you’ve got a good copywriter, you don’t need to review as many times. One or two reviews will get you the perfect copy you want.

What are the terms of payment for writers?

Most copywriters will desire you to make an upfront payment of at least 50% before they begin with your project. But if you prefer paying after completion of the project, let the copywriter know and make a decision whether to work with you or not. Moreover, that decision will depend on the payment basis, if it’s hourly, weekly, or monthly.  

Are there add-on charges the copywriter may request?

If the project has a tight deadline, they might request extra charges. So also if they need to work overnight or during the weekend. Also, if there is a change in the direction of the project, the writer might charge you again, especially if they’ve already started working on your previous ideas.

Copywriting aims to compel people to buy by connecting stories to their emotions. Not every writer can pull this off, only the best and skilled can. If you need to write compelling stories that leave your target audience with no choice other than to make a purchase, contact us now. Let’s create a compelling copy that will lead to automatic conversion.

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