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October 12, 2019
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October 12, 2019

Ten tips to get real twitter followers

Everyone wants a reasonably large twitter following because of obvious reasons. Not only does a large number of followers give your brand credibility, but it also helps you benefit from Twitter’s algorithm as you’ll have more people retweeting your tweets, which could improve your organic reach.

To get more twitter followers that are real, you’ll need to plan a social media strategy that focuses on providing value to your audience. Here, you are not making tweets about your brand alone but also concentrated on providing your follower’s value in various creative ways.

Here are some tips to help your brand get real twitter followers rather than paying for followers or adding fake numbers to your list:

Add some Twitter greatness

What does this mean? Users would not follow an ordinary account, especially if it’s not that of family, friends, or celebrities. Aside from showing your social media prowess through your creative content, you can increase your chances of getting more followers by adding something inspiring in your Twitter bio.

You can start by advertising your brand as an authority in your field. Use titles like official if you are managing a company’s account, but if it’s personal branding, adding titles like an expert, guru, author, etc. helps in making your brand seem like someone famous and would surely get you, extra followers.

Engage more in tweeting

Twitter is one social media network where you can tweet numerous times without being spammy. Some brands tweet up to 15-20 times.

There are numerous things you can tweet about which borders around relevant industry information, breaking news, or even tweets from your followers.

As long as the posts aren’t totally about your brand, tweeting about seven times a day can drive more engagement and increase the possibility of someone new, seeing your tweets, and finding out more.

Regularly tweeting shows your brand is active, which would allow you to make connections, build more relationship and encourage more following. It will also help to improve your expertise in tweeting and make you create more quality content since practice makes perfect.

Use post scheduling tools

 If you lack time to post regularly, take advantage of the available post scheduling tools that will help you send out tweets without having to do it manually.

Post scheduling tools also ensure you don’t have to send numerous updates at once because you intend to make up for lost times. This method will only irritate your followers, and losing your followers will result in well fewer followers.

Don’t make tweets all about your brand

Brand promotion is not wrong at all, but making it something regular is where the problem lies. If you are looking to get more followers, you need to understand that users appreciate a brand that disperses information that will provide value than brands who engage in self-promotion.

When updates are only posts related to your brand’s achievement, your account becomes like millions of other Twitter account that engage in the same thing which is not an excellent way to stand out.

You can only get more followers when your brand offers something different from the lot, and the best way to do that is through information sharing.

Avoid tweeting uninteresting topics

People use social media, including Twitter, to find exciting and humorous topics and conversations that will brighten up their day. What makes you think they’ll stop for a minute to check out your profile and follow when all you tweet about are boring and uninteresting topics.

If you wish to get more followers, you need to be part of those accounts that continuously tweet exciting and trending topics that could be industry-related or based on trends.

Avoid uninteresting topics and mundane details about your brand; no one cares about for obvious reasons. You should also avoid using automatically generated content without editing it to suit your brand.

Time your tweets

There is no use posting when twitter users are not online because, by the time they come online, your tweets would have gotten drowned by thousands of other tweets. To increase your brand’s visibility, you need to post at the right time.

The right time to tweet isn’t universal since some time zones can be different. So, it’s up to you to determine the perfect timing through Twitter analytics and other tracking tools.

Create more visual contents

Visual contents get more engagement than other forms of content on social media platforms, including twitter. Your tweets stand a chance of getting more exposure through favorites and retweets when you include some visual materials such as videos, GIFs, memes, infographics or images.

It happens because some people scroll mindlessly through their timeline because it’s filled with the same text tweet. Only a tweet with something visual can jolt them out of their unconscious scrolling and get them to engage with the tweet and probably retweet if it’s something they like.

Use hashtags

No, you can’t flood your tweets with hashtags like it’s an Instagram post, but including one or two hashtags in your tweet can drive more engagement than when you include none at all.

You can use the hashtags at the beginning and end of the tweet. Avoid using in-between, so it doesn’t distract readers from the main content. You can decide to use branded hashtags or commonly used ones. Only ensure the hashtags relate to the created content.

Add tweet to retweets

It is not enough to see an interesting tweet and retweet, that will only depict your brand as lacking creativity. If you are going to retweet something, you need to add a comment that gives a clear opinion of your brand over that tweet.

Give out special offers

A Nielsen research conducted for Twitter, reveals that 52 percent of Twitter brand followers are only following because they are expecting special offers or promotion from them, 38 percent where customers while 44 percent wanted to learn about the new products and services from the brand.

If you are going to get more and you don’t have a tight budget, you might want to occasionally make a special offer of your products or services because sometimes, posting useful contents do not do all the magic according to the research as only 34 percent liked brands who tweeted exciting and entertaining contents.

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