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Steps to creating an active LinkedIn showcase pages

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October 12, 2019
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October 12, 2019

Steps to creating an active LinkedIn showcase pages

The LinkedIn showcase page is another business initiative of LinkedIn meant to complement the company page to help businesses cater to more specific audiences. Followers can get to follow the showcase pages that they have an interest in without even having to follow the company page.

A LinkedIn showcase page targets a specific audience, especially when trying to promote a particular product or service of the company. You can decide to create separate pages, a maximum of ten, for the different values you offer to customers or clients.

Creating a useful LinkedIn showcase page does not take much; it’s almost like creating a LinkedIn business page. You only need to ensure it’s optimized and contains the primary information users need to navigate it.

We are going to look at how to create a showcase page and how to create a great LinkedIn showcase page to drive engagement from the target audience.

Benefits of creating a LinkedIn page

LinkedIn showcase pages have some benefits for businesses looking to build brand awareness. Here are some of the benefits:

Boost engagement

By creating separate pages that showcase different initiatives of your brand, you’ll get more engagement from clients who will identify with the specific aspect of your business that interests them.

Curate specific content

With a show page, you no longer need to give a general overview of your business when posting content. Now you can craft each material to the specific niche or product to help your target audience get the information they want.

Measure engagement

The showcase pages come with a LinkedIn analytical tool to keep track of your users and also to know if your marketing or branding strategy is making any impact.

How to create a LinkedIn showcase page

The first step to building a showcase page is having a LinkedIn business page. If you don’t have it, create one.

After creating the page, sign into it, and click on “admin tools.” If you have more than one business account, sign up with the one you want affiliating to your showcase page.

After clicking on the tools menu, you’ll see a drop-down list, click “create showcase page.” You’ll see a pop-up box, add the name you want to use for the page and include your LinkedIn public URL and then click on create the page.

You’ll get another pop up where you’ll fill in all the information you need on the showcase page. In the “header” section, click on “page info” to upload the appropriate image for the page and a tagline.

If you want LinkedIn to add the following tab on your company page for that of the showcase, click on “buttons” also located at the left side of the pop-up box under the same “header” section.

You can also add custom buttons for call to actions like contact us, visit the website,  register, and so on to help drive specific engagement on your page.

The next step is to fill in your showcase page overview. Here is where you’ll describe your page along with other details such as website, phone number, and so on. The page description should not be more than 2000 characters.

Click on “locations” to add a single location or click the “+ Add a location” if you have multiple locations to add. Click on “hashtag” to add a hashtag to your page. You have a maximum of three hashtags to add. Click “featured group” to add up to 10 groups you’ll want to show on your page.

Lastly, add your hero image according to the recommended size, which is 1536*768 pixels.

Tips to creating an impressive LinkedIn showcase page

Pick a simple name

Use a name every of your target audience can understand to get the message across. The title should typically contain the brand’s official name then the specific product or services it intends to promote.

 For example, Google has several showcase pages named Google Partners, Google Cloud, and so on. It’s easy to know the showcases are affiliates from Google because they stuck to the brand name. So when picking a name or names for your showcase page, make it easy to locate.

Create an informative tagline

Let people know the purpose of creating a showcase page when you can easily use the company page. What particular thing does the page offer? What content do you intend to share? You should tell people your motive for creating a new page and the contents they’ll get to see.

Complete all fields

A complete profile will always get more interaction from people than an incomplete one, which is why you should ensure that you complete every field provided on the showcase page. It gives your audience more information about the product you are putting out.

Choose a compelling image

The image you choose for your showcase page should be able to attract viewership. It should contribute to making the page stand out while delivering a strong message about your brand to people searching for it. Use an image with a high resolution of 536*768 pixels for more quality.

Post contents regularly

After creating an impressive page to attract targeted LinkedIn users, you’ll want to keep their attention by posting materials that are only specific to the page. For example, if you run a fashion store and you’ve dedicated a showcase page to women, don’t go about posting content on men’s clothing. It would help if you also tried not to share content from the main company page to the showcase pages because it defeats the goal of having different pages.

Also, ensure you are posting content regularly to keep the page alive. You can decide to make it weekly to get audience engagement.

Add some media

You can drive more engagement from you include some form of media in your every post. If you intend to use videos, go for native videos that you can upload directly on the platform rather than sharing videos from YouTube or anywhere else to increase engagement.

If you don’t have the budget for creating videos, you can always stick with images. Include a picture with every other content you are posting to get more interaction. Use original and quality images.

Build a network of users

Let your showcase page become what you created it for which is building a community of users for a specific aspect of your brand.

Get your audience to interact with each other by posting thought-provoking content or content that asks questions. Build your page to be where people can get valuable information or inspiring messages.

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