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October 12, 2019
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Steps to creating a Twitter bio

Your Twitter bio is where you introduce your brand and what it plans to offer to its followers.

Creating a good Twitter bio will help you get quality followers as the first thing people do when they come across your tweet is to check out your profile where your bio is boldly displayed.

A good bio will create an instant connection between you and a potential follower. It also increases your brand’s credibility because only a serious brand would take out time to write something creative and engaging.

Writing a great Twitter bio is not that difficult if you know the tricks to use. But one thing you should ensure is that your bio is original and reveals something tangible about your brand

Challenges of writing a Twitter bio

Here’s what makes writing a Twitter bio almost impossible to achieve:

  • You have only 160 characters to make an impression
  • You have to try hard to stand out since everyone is using something predictable
  • You might not sound funny no matter how hard you try
  • It’s difficult to self promote especially when modesty is your watchword
  • Creativity does not always come easy

Here are some tips for writing a good Twitter bio

Twitter users will come snooping on your profile to get more information about your brand. What would they like to know? The first three questions they would like an answer to is; who you are, what you do, and why they should feel concerned.

It would help if you answered these questions shortly and concisely.

Write a brief description of your services 

Before you begin drafting your tweet, remember you only have 160 characters, so you want to make everything short but descriptive. Start by introducing your brand and goals, then include a brief description of your products and services while telling people why it’s essential they interact with your page.

Add some personality

What view do you want people to have about your brand? Funny?  Serious? Conservative? Open? Kind?

If your brand already has a personality before social media, find a way to include it while writing the bio, if not, choose a character. Your personality is what makes your twitter bio stand out because people can perceive when you are original.

For example, if you are creating a comedy page, you’ll want to show how humorous you are through your bio. However, you don’t have to use up your space being humorous when you can put out important information about your brand. And sometimes, a funny bio will only make people smile, but you probably won’t get a follower.

Before followers go through your tweets, give them a tip of what to expect. Let people have a taste of your content.

Add emojis to the mix 

Use emoji to bring life to your Twitter bio. Although using emoji is not necessary, you can also convey some of your personality through them. 

Include a hashtag 

One hashtag is enough to pass across the message you want. Avoid spamming your Twitter bio with numerous hashtags as it will depict unprofessionalism, which will make people reluctant to follow you.

Also, avoid using hashtags with keywords, instead if you must use a hashtag, ensure its related to your brand. 

Add some excitement

Tell people what your brand truly stands for with clarity so that they don’t get confused. Twitter users will only follow when they have interest in what you do. 

Make your bio sound interesting to generate excitement and get people interested in seeing your content and what you have to offer. If you are naturally dull, Twitter is not a place for you. 

Use keywords 

Keywords are everything when it comes to the digital space. So remember to include relevant keywords such as those related to your niche or industry to get indexed by Google and other search engines. 

Making use of targeted words that relate to your niche gets you targeted followers. For example, if a writer is going through your profile and sees writing or blogging, they’ll be attracted and want to follow. 

Write your accomplishments 

Let the users see you as a thought leader by including your awards and recognition, if any. It’s crucial to do this especially if you only recently began building your brand. 

If you haven’t won any awards worth writing about, you can include life accomplishments such as

  • Problem solver if you’ve resolved issues for business;
  • Dad or mum if you are into parenting;
  • Fitness expert if you stay fit by working out;
  • Nutrition and diet expert if you advise people to eat healthily and have helped people eat healthily;
  • Acupuncturist if you treat people using acupuncture;
  • Philanthropist, if you give to charity or have a charity organization;
  • Educator if you teach people on any course.

There must be something your brand is contributing to the world, which could stand as some achievement. 

Make it intriguing 

Make potential followers admire your twitter page by including something fascinating in your bio. Please don’t make it something generic they’ve probably come across in the past. Write something that will make viewers curious about your page and want to keep tabs by following. 

Use mentions and links

Aside from the hashtags, you can also use the @ sign to link your other accounts or to mention the business you recently started. You can also add the link to your website, LinkedIn profile, blog, or newsletter only if you have some characters remaining. 

Add a powerful CTA

You can include a call to action in your bio too. Direct people to check out your other accounts on Twitter. For example, you might decide to have two twitter accounts for business, the first being the overall official account while the other helps out with customer service.

You can inform your profile viewers to check out the customer service account if they have any complaints. You can also use more than one accounts if you intend to represent multiple languages.

Other calls to action include visiting a website or blog, signing up for newsletters, following other social media accounts, tweeting with a specific hashtag, and so on. Make your call to act natural but persuasive. 

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