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13 Awesome Twitter hacks you had no idea existed

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13 Awesome Twitter hacks you had no idea existed

Twitter hacks

Twitter hacks

An organized Twitter profile and feed open doors to get more followers, increase engagement, and influence on the platform. However, it takes time trying to sort things out on Twitter, including creating a profile, creating contents, scheduling posts, organizing your feeds, and so on.

Luckily, with the knowledge of the right Twitter hacks to use, you will be able to save time on creating and tweeting your contents on Twitter. Here are some of the Twitter hacks you should know:

Add more content

Remember Twitter’s 280 character limit and how it limits the message you wish to get across to your audience? Well, you can get more content out there by using a post maker to create an image with the message you want to pass across. You can give it a branded touch by including your brand’s name at the end.

Add emojis from desktop

Adding emojis to your tweets helps in increasing engagement, but this could be difficult if you log into your account through the desktop. If you are using a Mac, you can add an emoji by placing your cursor on a text field, then click and hold “control + command + space bar” keys on your keyboard to summon the emoji menu.

Add color to your profile

So, you might have heard adding color to your profile is one of the ways to create a great Twitter profile, but then you don’t know how to do it. It’s quite simple. All you need do is click on “edit profile,” tap “theme color,” and choose from the options available on Twitter.  You can also add your brand’s color for easy identification from followers.

Pin a tweet to the top of your feed

When Twitter users come across a tweet they like, the first inclination is to check out the profile of the account owner. So aside from having a great Twitter bio, you’ll want to make sure that those who come to check out your bio see your best tweets, which should naturally be those with more engagements.

To take your best tweets to the top of your profile, you should click the ^ icon at the right side of the tweet and select “pin to your profile.” Confirm it by clicking “pin.”

Download your Twitter data

If you want the history of your tweets to create a backup folder, you can request it from Twitter by going to your profile and clicking on settings and privacy. You’ll see “your Twitter data,” select the option and enter your password. And then click on the request data. After completing this process, wait for a few hours to get an email notification with a link to your tweet’s archive.

Create a thread

Tweet more content without the 280 character limitation by creating a thread. A thread is a series of tweets close to each other so that readers do not get confused when reading.

To create a thread, start by creating a new tweet and then add another tweet to it by clicking the + sign to create a thread. When you’ve added all the tweets you want to post, click the “Tweet all” button to display.

Change your tweets order

Twitter’s algorithm naturally displays the top tweets, and you probably have to scroll down if you wish to see the latest tweets. However, if you want to see the most recent tweets, tap the star icon on the right corner of your feed, and select “see latest tweets.”

Bookmark tweets

If you see an inspiring tweet and you are short of time to go through it or monitor its engagement, you can always bookmark it for future reference. If you are using your mobile, click the share icon below the tweet on the right side. Then select the option “add tweets to bookmarks.” 

If you are using a desktop, you’ll need to switch to mobile mode as this feature is unavailable on desktop. Start by adding mobile to the Twitter URL- https://mobile.twitter.com/; then, you can continue with the same process above.

Embed a tweet

If you’ve seen embedded tweets on various website and blogs and you don’t know how they do it, here’s the simple process:

  • Click the ^ icon on top of the tweet you wish to embed and select “embed tweet.”
  • If the tweet is a reply to another tweet, hide the original tweet by clicking the checked “include parent tweet.”
  • You can also uncheck the media that came alongside it, which could be videos, photos, etc.
  • Please copy the code generated and paste it in your website or blog.

Use night mode on Twitter

The bright light from your mobile devices or desktop hurts the eye, so trying using Twitter’s dark mode once in a while to get relief for your eyes. To get your page on dark mode, click your profile and select settings and privacy. Then click on the display and sound tab, you’ll see the dark mode slider. Turn it on by clicking on it. You can either choose to dim the lights or complete lights out.

Organize your feeds with lists

Get your feed organized by grouping followers into categories so you can easily keep track of them. To do this, go to your profile and select lists. Create a name for the list, purpose, and then proceed to add Twitter users on it. Before adding users to your list, set it as private so that Twitter does not send a notification to those you add.

Find out where you’ve got listed

You can see what list you’ve been added to by other people as long as they make the list public. It is essential to know what list users categorized you to have an idea of how they perceive your brand. To do this, go to your profile settings and select lists and then click the “member of” option to access the list.

Check apps accessing your account

Keep your privacy simple by eliminating apps that have access to your account. To do this, go to your profile settings and click “Apps.” You can then click “revoke access” to remove apps you don’t want to access your account.

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