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The 21 Best Instagram Tools for Massive Instagram Growth in 2021

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The 21 Best Instagram Tools for Massive Instagram Growth in 2021

Instagram tools

Developers create Instagram tools with one thing in mind: to make Instagram easier for users and social media marketers to explore to their advantage. There are lots of Instagram tools scattered all over the digital space, but only a few genuinely help marketers achieve their Instagram strategy.

The quality Instagram tools out there helps you achieve all the goals you have laid out in your strategy, be it getting more followers, editing, post scheduling, or tracking analytics. If you are a social media marketer, you need some of these tools to help you get the most of out your marketing efforts and to put you at a comparative advantage with your competitors.

Without wasting much time, let’s look at the various Instagram tools every marketer should know about in 2021:


Motionbox is a video design platform that features an arsenal of tools that cuts down the effort of creating any visual content. It features a huge library of templates that can be used as is, or may serve as the foundation of your design. It also has a collection of fonts and multimedia files that include audio, images, and videos, most of which you may freely use for your project. 

Motionbox is quite easy to use, thanks to its drag-and-drop interface that brings creativity out of its users. With features such as music visualization, GIF resizer, video trimmer, and video calendar, it offers an unlimited possibility when it comes to design.


VEED is a free simple online video editor that edits content, adds subtitles to your videos, and grows your audience online. With VEED, you can create video content that attracts followers and gets many likes on Instagram. People who have videos on other social media platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, will really love this app, as they can quickly that resize their videos to fit Instagram’s format. 

MobileMonkey chatbot

MobileMonkey chatbot is a must for Instagram advertisers. Marketers at companies of all sizes can leverage the cutting-edge technology of chatbots to transform their customer care and content marketing. But here’s the real secret. MobileMonkey makes creating messages both easy. And it’s free.

With Instagram Messenger chatbots, users get to engage with an entirely new audience of people — those who might follow you on Instagram but not on Facebook. This will allow you to drive more traffic to your chatbot or your website, build your contact lists, increase overall engagement, and help your company soar.


This app contains tools that help you respond to comments on your Instagram ads. From the dashboard of the app, you can keep track of comments that require a response. Using the app helps you save the time you would have used scrolling through comments on your Facebook notification, searching for those that need a reply. 


With Chute, you don’t need to refrain from posting on Instagram when your creativity isn’t at its best. It is a content generator with a vast content library where you can choose contents you that suits your need. It also covers usage rights, so you don’t need to bother about copyright issues. 


This tool keeps track of trending hashtags and helps in monitoring your competitors. You also get to see the performance of each hashtag to see which will be worth using. So, save the stress of doing it manually and get the Panoramiq tool. 


Hootsuite helps you accomplish lots of tasks on Instagram from scheduling posts which you can post directly from the dashboard to editing with its composer tool, which you can use to adjust and resize photos. There are lots of useful tools here than can make your Instagram experience enjoyable. It is also has a mobile app. 

Adobe Lightroom CC app

Get high quality professionally edited pictures with the Adobe Light CC app. It comes with lots of tools that can clean up a picture to look like one taken from a studio or even better. You can change background colors, remove unwanted logos, and do whatever you please to make your image perfect! 


Get your photo and video edited through this VSCO Instagram tool. There are lots of coloring and editing tool for both photos and videos which you can experiment with and use the best results for Instagram posts and stories. 


You can use the Filmm app to spice things up on your Instagram stories. It offers different filters, video editing tools, story splitting, and lots of other free features. It also comes with some paid tools which are suitable to use. 


You can use canva to create customized Instagram stories through their abundant template library. You can also edit photos and create professional-looking designs without having to rely on designers. If you also need some infographics for your stories, it’s the best choice. 


Get your Instagram ads running through AdEspresso, which is already an Instagram partner. It allows you to run both single and multiple Instagram ads. You can run and track ads on Instagram and even other social network platforms like Facebook and Google. 


With the Keyhole app, you can track every campaign you are running using a branded hashtag. The app comes with a hashtag analytical tool that keeps track of all your Instagram hashtag campaigns to see how they perform. 

It contains other analytical and social monitoring tools that track your social media efforts and knows what your customers and competitors are doing online. 


You can use this tool to link your Instagram account to other of your social media accounts to get your customers to follow you on other networks easily. It also helps with retargeting through link tracking, which means you can always retarget and show content to people who clicked on the links during your Instagram ad. 

Hootsuite analytics

Get well detailed metric data from your Instagram through analytical tools like Hootsuite. As an official partner of Instagram, Hootsuite offers Instagram insight, comparative analysis, reports, historical data, and a lot more.  

It comes with a social listening tool that helps in tracking keywords, competitors, mentions, and hashtags. You also get to rank comments, monitor the response timing of the account, etc. 


If you find posting from your PC a lot more fun than mobile, you can check out the  App. It helps in scheduling posts, captions, and even comments. The apps take care of all these tasks allowing you to focus on other pressing issues.


Here is another Instagram analytical tool that helps marketers collect data to analyze performance and identify areas for improvement. It analyzes data such as the growth of followers, audience engagement with content, the right time to post content to increase engagement, and lots more. 


Driving audience engagement boost online sales, increase followers, and creating brand awareness is on the list of most social media marketers. One of the ways to achieve this goal is by organizing contests on Instagram. To help you with the tediousness of it all is the Woodbox app already used by top organizations such as NFL, Spotify, amongst others. 

With this app, you also get a landing page and form builders you can customize and direct prospects to when hosting the contest.


This tool is great for marketers looking to track and measure performance, manage content, and monitor competitors. Most of its features are still free since it’s relatively new, which makes it the best option for marketers on a tight budget. 


Your brand is essential, and any attack against it can ruin its reputation in a twinkle of an eye. Find out who is mentioning your company through Mentionlytics. You can also use it in tracking competitors and keyword on Instagram. It’s also compatible with other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and blogs. 


This tool helps in tracking an influencer’s reach before contacting them for an influencer campaign. And you can also track the performance metrics of an influencer after the campaign. However, avoid using their fake likes, comment, influencer, etc. as it will not do any good for your business.

These are the most popular Instagram tools currently available. You can learn more on how you can schedule Instagram posts seamlessly here.

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