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Guide for marketers to get verified on Twitter

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Guide for marketers to get verified on Twitter

Verified twitter

Verified twitter

Getting verified on Twitter as a brand will make Twitter users and your followers believe your brand is authentic and exceptional. And seeing that people prefer buying from brands they trust, the blue checkmark will help them trust your brand. It also increases your visibility on the platform, improves engagement with followers, and help the new audience find you.

Getting verified on Twitter might seem like something only available to celebrities, but start-up companies, entrepreneurs, and about every other person that has something unique to contribute to the world can also get verified.

When Twitter verifies your account, it comes with access to some tools that make your Twitter experience a whole lot easier. For example, you can opt-out of direct messages in a group and also get to filter your notifications. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to get your account verified by Twitter, but first, let’s check out the ways you can increase your chances of getting confirmed:

How to increase your Twitter verification chances

The fact is, not everyone that applies to get verified on Twitter will receive a positive reply. Twitter has some guidelines concerning what account gets verified, and according to them, it has to be an account of public interest.

 Meaning you have to have an account that portrays aspects of public interest such as business, fashion, music, journalism, media, government, acting, fashion, sports, etc.

Aside from the public interest areas, here are some ways to increase your chances before you begin the verification process:

Know what Twitter wants

Twitter could, at any time, change the requirements for their verification process. You need to know the rules before you begin the process. Also, check out the bios and content of other verified users to see what they are doing. 

Construct a great bio

Twitter is undoubtedly going to analyze your bio before adding a blue sign to username, so ensure it is lit. Ensure your bio gives a clear and concise description of what your business is offering to its audience. If it’s possible, add the specific numbers. For example, “We are celebrating 20 years in business.”

You should also include your website and the right keywords. Also, add an active call to action to tell your users the next step to take after reading your bio.

Include some visuals

Everyone loves a professional visual display on a brand’s profile. It could be a logo, photo, illustration, or anything that represents your brand. Visuals bring immediate recognition as people tend to remember visuals above any other thing. Twitter can also confirm your identity with your professional logo or other visuals that represent your brand. When using an image for your brand, ensure you follow Twitter’s recommendation, which is 400 * 400 pixels. If it’s a header image, be sure to make it a maximum of 1500*1500 pixels. Remember, you are applying for verification, so you need to follow the rules. 

Show off your connections

If you have connections with verified users, then you need to add them. It gives social proof that your account is real. If you’ve worked with a reputable and Twitter verified company before starting your business, you can include their links. You should also tag verified users you follow in posts relevant to them. 

Be active on Twitter

You need to regularly tweet if you want users and of course, Twitter to take your brand seriously. Tweeting at least twice a day will get you more engagements and followers. And be open to discuss the contents you tweeted with your followers and other interested users.

If you are not always available to tweet, you can always schedule them using social media automation tools. 

Aside from tweeting, ensure you engage with tweets from your followers, people you follow, niche, and those that tag you.  

Before starting the verification process, ensure you have been active on Twitter for at least two weeks. Remember, Twitter is always looking out for its community, and what better way to do it than providing them with quality contents your brand tweets?

State your location

You can’t apply for Twitter verification with your account’s location hidden. You need to state your precise location, even if you are working from a remote location. Twitter needs to see that you have an offline life where other activities take place and where users can connect with you if there is a need.

The Twitter verification process

Now you know how to increase your chances of getting verified, you need to start the process without wasting much time. First, begin by preparing your pitch, which is stating why you deserve verification. Share the various ways your brand will be of great benefit to the audience.

Complete your profile

Write your bio. Specify your website, location, and birthday. Ensure you have verified your phone number and confirmed your email address too.  If you don’t want the public to see your birthday, you can always click the lock icon to select those you wish to view it.

Also, make your tweets public by setting it your privacy setting. You need to do all these, so Twitter doesn’t ask you resubmit your form.

Get the request form

Now everything is ready for the verification process; you need to browse Twitter’s verification application form to apply. 

Fill the required information

When you get the form, enter your username and follow other instructions, which include adding links to your business website and writing the pitch you prepared. If you’ve written more than 500 characters, you need to cut it down.

Review your work

Before submitting your profile, ensure you review everything you write. Take your time to do this and correct every error you might have made to avoid resubmission of the form.

Wait for the results

After reviewing and submitting, don’t hope you are going to get an immediate reply or verification success. Twitter has millions of accounts to consider, so it will take some time to get to your new application.

When it gets to your turn, and they verify your account, they will send a direct message to your Twitter account concerning it. But if you don’t get verified, you can always try again after 30 days.

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