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How to Use Pinterest for Business in 2021: 7 Strategies You Need to Know

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How to Use Pinterest for Business in 2021: 7 Strategies You Need to Know

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is hardly the first social platform that comes to the mind of social media marketers, especially those that yet grasp what the platform is all about fully. Some wonder how other brands can navigate the platform to get their message across to their target audience.

Pinterest is a great marketing platform for people who sell products since it’s a visual platform like Instagram. It has different eCommerce tools that can help marketers give their shoppers a smooth experience purchasing or learning about their products. 

Pinterest might not be the most accessible platform to use for online marketing since Instagram, Facebook, and other social channels are always stealing the spotlight. But once you get the nack on how to use the platform to engage your audience and drive traffic to your site, you’ll enjoy all the other marketing possibilities it has to offer.

Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Here are some Pinterest marketing strategies that will help increase your brand awareness on Pinterest.

Pinterest for Business Tip #1: Know the specifications

Every social media platforms have their different specifications for images, videos, texts, etc. and so does Pinterest. If you want your content to get in front of your audience, you have to ensure they get optimized for the platform.

For the aspect ratio of a pin, you should not go above 2:3 which means before using an image, you should check whether it passes the ration spec. How do you check? Divide the width by two and the height by three to see if the equation will end up equal. 

For example, a 1000*1500 pixel will end up being 500 when divided with the ratio, which makes it a perfect size for pin images.

For videos, you should create videos not more than 15 minutes and not less than 4 seconds. The size should also not be less than 2 GB. For the layouts, if you are using a vertical video, ensure it is 2:3 or 9:16 aspect ratio. If it’s square footage, use 1:1 aspect ratio.

Also, the specification for characters in a pin title is 100 while the description is 500. Remember that only the first 50 characters of the description shown in the feed while users are scrolling down, so ensure your first words attracts attention.

Pinterest for Business Tip #2: Think videos 

Videos have always increased engagement, but for Pinterest, the shorter the video, the better. What Pinterest users want to see are videos from 6-15 seconds. Also, create videos that will interest users such as tutorial videos with the subject how-to or any video that tells a story.

The video quality must be top-notch if you intend to attract the attention of users that are already caught up in other videos on Pinterest. And while ensuring the audio quality, also make provision for sound off. Ensure your viewers can understand the message you are trying to pass across with your videos through text overlays or captions.

After uploading the video, remember to include a cover image so that it can get to the right audience.

Pinterest for Business Tip #3: Try out the new ad types

You can try out exciting new ad types Pinterest provides to give your ad campaign an extra touch. Pinterest ads provide brand lower costs per click when compared to other social platforms, so it is a must-try, especially for brands on a tight marketing budget.

 The most prominent is the max-width video format which you can use when launching new products or for other campaign purposes. However, when considering the layout of the video, you can only use horizontal or square footages. Using vertical videos won’t work. It will be hard for viewers to miss such width. Another ad type to use is the carousel ads. You can add up to five images using this ad type.

Pinterest for Business Tip #4: Install the Pinterest tag

Like Facebook pixel helps to track website visitors and other metrics when you run a campaign ad on Facebook, the Pinterest tag does the same when you run a Pinterest ad. Installing the tag is one of the best Pinterest marketing strategies for 2021.

When you add the tag, you can monitor people who click your ad, which leads them to your website. You can see their activities on your site and check if your ad successfully converted them or not. It helps you monitor the performance of your ad and gives insight for future targeting.

Pinterest for Business Tip #5: Use hashtags

Hashtags are not only for Instagram or Twitter. You can use them on Pinterest for pinners to find your account and content. Pinterest also allows as many hashtags as Instagram, up to 20. However, Pinterest hashtags aren’t precisely the same as other short word hashtags used on other platforms. These are more descriptive. 

Using the right hashtags on the platform is essential. If you don’t know the right hashtags to add, use the Pinterest Autocomplete. You can use this method by going to the search bar of the platform and type something related to your niche. You’ll see various suggestions by Pinterest, which are mostly high volume keywords. 

Pinterest for Business Tip #6: Check latest pin trends

The Pinterest platform is beneficial for marketers hoping to get their brands and products in front of the users. One way the platform helps is by publishing the latest pin trends reports on their website so that marketers can know how to create their contents purposefully. 

They provide the percentages of searches on high volume keywords for every month. They also group searches in categories such as hone, food, fashion, or lifestyle. You can also get insights for specific regions such as the US, Canada, Uk, France, and so on.

Pinterest for Business Tip #7: Join a group board

Now, joining a group board might not be the best Pinterest marketing strategies for brands who are solely looking to get views and clicks on their accounts and website, but if your brand is all about brand awareness and contributing meaningful information to Pinners, then you can reach out to a group board and request to participate.

When searching for a group board to contribute, ensure it’s a popular board that is also related to your niche. And be prepared to create contents that are useful and engaging. 

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