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Pinterest Ads: A Guide to Everything You Need To Know to Get Started

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Pinterest Ads: A Guide to Everything You Need To Know to Get Started

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest, like every other campaign Ad, helps your content and products rank high in search engines so that more people can discover your brand as they go through pins.

To use the Pinterest Ads, you only need to create an account, choose your campaign goals, select your target audience, use the right keywords, take other necessary steps, then create the ad.

In this post, you are going to see how to use Pinterest Ads to generate traffic to your website or build brand presence.

Types of Pinterest Pins

You have different formats you can choose when using Pinterest Ads. See each form to decide which to use:

Promoted pins

These pins appear in search results and home page like any other pin but carry the label “promoted” to show they were intentionally boosted to display in the home page of targeted users.

Promoted carousels

Using this format is great if you have multiple products you want to advertise. You can add up to five images in this pin as it allows a swipe through to see more. It’s a relatively new type of pin as Pinterest introduced it in November 2018. The only difference from this and a regular pin is the dots beneath the image that informs users to swipe.

Promoted video pins

You can also help videos to show up in search results, home feed, and “more like this” section. Using this pin is ideal when telling a product story.

Buyable pins

If you want buyers to purchase your product directly from your pin, use this pin format. It also appears in searches and home feeds.

Promoted app pins

If you’ve recently launched a mobile app, you can use this pin to get users to download the app directly from your pin.

How to Use Pinterest Ads

Here is a step by step instruction on how to use Pinterest for your campaign ad.

Create an account

If you want to run an advert, using your personal Pinterest account won’t do the trick. You will need to either convert it to a business account or create a new account specifically for business.

Install the Pinterest Tag

Some people overlook this part, but if you want a successful campaign ad, you need to install the Pinterest tag. It will help you see the actions people would take on your website after viewing your Ad, which could be signing up, checking out, etc.

Choose a campaign goal

What action would you want people to take after seeing your ad? Knowing this will help you choose your campaign objective. You’ll see various options to choose from under “What’s your campaign objective?”

The four campaign objectives are building brand awareness, getting traffic to your website, promote app downloads, and video views.

Choosing brand awareness gets you more exposure with Pinterest users both your existing customers and prospects. You get charged for every 1000 impression for this objective.

If you want to get more traffic to your website, select the objective. It will generate quality leads by driving pinners to your site. It is a pay per click option.

Another campaign objective to consider is the increase installs for your app, which helps you promote your apps to encourage downloads. If you have recently launched a new app, it’s an objective for you. You can either choose to pay per click or per install.

Then their id the videos which you can use to promote awareness. You get charged per 1000 impressions.

At this point, you can also select the “pause campaign” to let you review all the details you entered before your ad goes live.

Creating an Ad group

When you create an Ad group, you can control the targeting, budget, and running dates of your campaign from one place. You can choose to create a new group or use an existing one depending on your budget and targeting.

Choose your targets

Here, you’ll have to choose the targets for your campaign. It helps you reach the kind of people that would be interested in your brand.

There are different targeting options which you can choose individually or make a combination of two target options for better reach.

Pinterest Ads Managers provided five target option to choose from, which are audiences, keywords, interests, expanded, demographics, and placement.

Audiences mean people that have already had contact with your brand in the past. They have probably seen and engaged with your content, visited your website, purchased your product, etc. You can choose this retargeting option if you want to resell or reactivate their interest in your brand.

If you want an ad to get shown to people that search for specific topics, choose the keyword option. Using it means you’ll have to use the right keywords to have the right people find your brand.

Choosing the interest option means you only want to select people who have shown interest in things related to your brand. They must have created boards about it or engaged with pins of people who shared such interest.

Demographics is a popular option to go with when creating a campaign Ad. Here you want to make your ad visible to people of specific location, gender, language, or mobile device.

With the placement Ad, you can choose if you want people to see your ads while searching, browsing, or doing both.

Consider the options carefully and choose what you feel will suit the needs of your brand.

Choose your campaign schedule and budget

Choose a start and end date for your campaign before adding your budget. You can either select a daily or lifetime budget. If you go with daily, it means you want to spend a specific amount each day, and you don’t intend going over that budget.

Using the lifetime budget means you have given Pinterest control over your budgets. They will decide how to use it according to the dates you’ve selected for the campaign.

The next step is selecting the most you’ll pay for a click or impression on the platform. When you click the “set a maximum bid,” you’ll see the options.

Promote pins

After setting your budget, pick the pin you want to promote. Ensure they are your content and not saved to any secret boards. You can choose to promote pins that are already performing well to increase the reach or create a new pin. To see pins that are performing well, check out your Pinterest analytics.

Ensure that you link all your pins to your website, especially the ones you plan on promoting. Also, include your destination URL.

Track the campaign performance

To know how well the campaign is doing, check the analytics located on the Ads manager dashboard. Click on the ad you want to monitor its performance to get the specific details.


Now you’re ready to take Pinterest by storm. Begin by figuring out who your audience is and what types of content they would love to see. Use this information to create targeted campaigns and test different types of ads.

Remember, you don’t have to have a massive marketing budget or be a big brand to make Pinterest ads work for you. Use your brand’s uniqueness and your creativity to showcase your products and engage with your target audience.

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