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5 Of The Best Photo Editing Apps You Need To Boost Your Instagram Feed

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5 Of The Best Photo Editing Apps You Need To Boost Your Instagram Feed

Photo Editing Apps

Photo Editing Apps

Instagram is unarguably the most popular photo-sharing platform in the world, which is why it comes as no surprise that photographers of levels of experience use it frequently, but the Instagram photo editing apps we have around are still somewhat limited.

Photo editing has been a thing since Instagram got introduced to us in 2010. Formerly, we had to use the in-app filters provided by Instagram to make our images brighter and spotless. However, these days, numerous photo editing apps are coming up and giving Instagram users better alternatives to get their pictures on a flick.

Photo editing is a must for every Instagram user hoping to generate sales lead from the platform. People give more attention to products displayed in a shiny and creative way. Also, different photo editing apps have been developed to serve this purpose and brand influencers, and marketers are taking advantage of them.

So, what are the top Instagram photo editing apps and trends for marketers in 2020? Has there been any specific additions or are the app developers only improving on existing apps? Let’s find out more!

Instagram photo apps to try out

If you are looking for variety when it comes to editing your photos, then you must be willing to step out of the Instagram filter and try out some photo editing apps. Here are some trending suggestions:

StoryLuxe App

Story luxe; Photo Editing Apps

The story luxe app is a new app that serves as your Instagram stories template. The best thing about this app is that you can use it for both your stories and posts. There are lots of story templates you’ll find in the app, including the popular types like instant film and polaroid. It is new and something you’ll want to try out this 2020 to keep your Instagram feed looking fresh.

Prequel App

Prequel; Photo Editing Apps

This photo and editing video app is excellent for anyone that wants to add sparkles and grainy look to their posts. It is widespread and keeps trending year after year because it allows the users flexibility when using it for editing photos.

Other apps that will add a grainy look to your images are Kamon-classic, Huji, and VHS Cam. Take advantage of these apps for a fascinating photo editing experience.

Glitch App

Glitch; Photo Editing Apps

Glitch might not be a new app, but it’s becoming a photo editing trend this 2020. More Instagram marketers are using it’s on their pictures or videos to achieve that glitchy look as the name suggests. The glitchy effect got spotted on the Instagram page of the prequel app.

When you go through the glitch app, you’ll find lots of options to give your images an extra saucy look and capture the attention of other users. However, if you are not keen on using the app, you can use Instagram’s version known as “chromatic pulse,” which gives the same result.

Unfold App

Unfold;Photo Editing Apps

The unfold app is not new in the game of photo editing, but it’s still trending as Instagram users are yet to get over its creativity. It is a collage app that provides templates for Instagram stories. They have been killing it by introducing new designs to keep their users coming back for more.

The app is far better than using Instagram’s multi-image posts where you’ll need to swipe through to see the pictures. The trend now is combining both videos and photos in the collage to post in their stories or feeds.

Design kit App

Design kit; Photo Editing Apps

If you have been looking for a photo editing app with the whole package such as stickers, backgrounds, glitters brushes, paint strokes, etc. then you should try out a design kit. Its features will help bring your photos to life and still retain a simple appearance.

There you have it! Head on to your Instagram page and try out these new fresh photo editing trends and attract more followers and customers!

Here are some of the trending photo editing trends to ensure your photo posts are up to date to help capture the wandering eyes of Instagram users and have them check out your profile and other posts.

No-filter edit trend

The ending of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 saw people embracing their imperfections. It’s been all about self-love, and they’ve to the gram! Instagram has been the home of perfectly edited and filtered pictures, but it seems lots of people have gotten tired and are trying to change the narrative- #nofilter edit.

As a marketer, you might want to try out this trend to improve customer trust and loyalty. When people can see the real package rather than the airbrushed one, they have realistic expectations of what they’ve ordered and don’t end up disappointed.

What you can do instead of filtering, is cleaning up your photos if they contain any dirt that might make it appear less attractive. You can use the TouchRetouch app for that effect.

Uncurated photos

Like the nofilter photos, uncurated photos are trending in 2020. Perhaps people have become bored with seeing that perfect picture that they have begun to crave to for images portraying real live events. For example, in the past, most brands made sure their photos carried that white space where everything looks so clean and stainless. Everyone loved those sorts of images because they were visually pleasing and psychologically relaxing.

However, 2020 photo editing trends are more casual and real. People crave for images taken in action where there are lots of activities going on in the background but doesn’t disturb the center of attraction, which is the product you are trying to sell. It is not easy to pull this off at first trial, but you surely can with fair practice.

The digital film photo

Another photo editing trend on Instagram marketers should follow the digital film photo. Here, you can use film-like effects to edit your photos and make it look like film images. It’s something fresh your feed needs. Your followers will appreciate you for taking them back to their favorite late 90s movie.

Vertical photos

Are you tired of the generic square images you have to put up on your feed? You’re not alone, and which is why vertical images are a thing now. Vertical photos are ideal for Instagram marketers as it puts their products in the full view of their followers, leaving room for no distraction. So, show your followers that you are keeping up with trends by posting some vertical images.

Black and white photos

It seems this trend isn’t going away just yet. Black and white photos always look natural and subtle. You can try it out with your brand to give your followers something different from what you’ve been ditching out on their feeds.

As the world opens up, photographers are heading out and doing what they do best–capturing the world around them and sharing it with others. Here’s another great resources to read on photography trend for 2021.

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