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How to Setup a Bing Ads Campaign – The Right Way

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How to Setup a Bing Ads Campaign – The Right Way

Bing Ads

The decision to use Bing Ads as one of your marketing strategies to reach your target audience, especially if you are working with a restricted budget is probably one of the best decisions you can make. Bing Ads helps you generate sales leads at a lower cost, which allows you to reach your target audience without draining your pockets.

Using Bing Ads gives your brand an edge over other competitors since they might be too busy spending and balloting for Google Ad placements. It currently has about 137 million users with different demographics, which might be relevant to your brand.

There are lots of reasons why you should include Bing Ads in your marketing campaigns. So, we are going to show you how to set up and use Bing Ads to increase the search visibility of your business:

Bing Ads Description

Bing Ads is like the search ad of Google Ad. It is a pay-per-click platform where you can create a campaign using specific keywords so that when Bing users use to search for those keywords, your ads get a chance to show up on the Microsoft’s search engine. And this increases the visibility of your brand.

Reasons to use Bing Ads

Why bother yourself with Bing Ads when you have the world’s largest search engine, Google offering its Ads to place you on the top of its result for searches relating to your business?

Well, Bing Ads firstly is Microsoft’s search engine for millions of Microsoft’s products. One hundred thirty-seven million people make use of the platform, and 6 billion searches are done on it every month. These statistics means your brand can get the exposure it seeks.

Bing Ads

Moreover, 36 percent of Bing users get to spend money when they are online because it is a platform where people go to search for products and services to buy and not theory answers to their questions. So there is a probability they would purchase from the minute they see it depending on your landing page.

Finally, if your target location is the US, you should know that Bing draws 35 percent of all the online researches done in the US. Bing is one of the sure ways to reach and convert people to your brand on the digital space.

How to set up a Bing Ad Campaign

Now you’ve seen reasons to launch a Bing Ad campaign, here are steps to help create your first campaign.

Create a Bing Ads account

To create an account, visit the Bing Ads website and click on the green button, sign up now which is at the top right corner of the site. If you’ve already created one, you can click on sign in to access the account. But if not, clicking on sign up will take you to a page where you’ll start the process of creating an account.

Here, you’ll have to fill in all your personal information, your location, and currency. You’ll also need to let Bing Ads know the reason you want to create the account. They will ask if you’re going to use it to promote your business or act as an ad agency supporting the trades of others. Choose the option that best suits your purpose before clicking on “create account.”

Campaign Ads (importing from Google Ad)

The next step is deciding if you want to create a new campaign or import your Google’s Ad campaign if you already have one. If you already have a Google Ad, you’ll see the option, “import from Google Adwords,” select it and click on the “sign in to Google” button.

When you get into your Google Ads account after entering your name and password, choose the ad campaign you wish to import and click continue. The next page will lead you to is the “choose import options” and also the schedule for importing them, which could be one-time, daily, weekly, or monthly. If you want a schedule, you can click on it.

That’s all about importing the data from your Google Ads to Bing Ads, which helps reduce the time spent creating a new campaign Ad.

Creating a new campaign

However, if you don’t have a Google Ad campaign, then the next step should be creating one. But first, you need to research to find the right keywords to use because herein lies the success of your campaign.

How do you conduct a keyword search to use on your Bing campaign? This question is where the Big Ads keyword planner becomes relevant. To locate it, go to the main dashboard of your Bing account and click on tools. It will bring a drop-down list where you’ll see the keyword planner.

The keyword planner helps you to gather data on keywords Bing users use when searching. It then helps you know the specific keywords to use that will be relevant to your campaign ad and the bidding process.

You can use the keyword planner to find new keywords which will give you lots of keyword ideas about your brand. You can also use it to get search volume data or cost estimates of the keywords you might intend using. Click on what you want the planner to get done for you, and it will take you to a page where you’ll fill out the necessary information before clicking “get suggestions” to see the results.

Creating your first campaign

After you’ve found the right keywords, you need for your campaign, go back to the dashboard, and create your first campaign by clicking on the create campaign button below. It brings up a page where you have to choose your goals for the campaign.

After doing that, you’ll go to another page where you have to fill in the fields before clicking save. The next step is choosing your target keywords. Follow the instructions in the space for entering keywords to ensure you do it right.

 If you want to follow the default keyword match type of Bing which is the broad match, you can type in your keywords and separate them with a comma. But if you want to use the phrase match, do so by using quotes on each of the keywords. And if you’re going to use an exact match, use brackets.

After typing in the keywords, click “Add” to go to the budget page where you choose how you want the Ad to run before clicking save and add payment. Adding your payment is the last step for creating your first campaign. Congrats!

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