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11 Apps For Creating Gorgeous Instagram Stories

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11 Apps For Creating Gorgeous Instagram Stories

apps for Instagram Stories

New apps for Instagram Stories keep popping up every day, which means stories are getting more and more interactive, compelling, and creative!

It makes sense; since Instagram stories are one of the top social media trends for 2019, with over 500 million active users, which allows brands to boost engagement and reach their target audience. It has seen a rapid growth rate 15 times faster than other types of content shared on Instagram.

Due to the popularity of Instagram stories, brands are now taking extra steps to ensure their stories look better to attract more engagement and stay on top of the competition. To make this happen, they are turning to different Instagram story apps which come with great features like stickers, animations, and fillers to level up their stories appearance.

If you are yet to get these apps, you might be losing out on converting lots of your target audience. You need to invest in these tools if you hope on creating contents that will upgrade your brand. Here are some of the best apps for Instagram stories.


Hype-Type is free but also with some paid features. It is mainly for adding texts to Instagram stories. There are different fonts and styles contained in the app which you can play around with while creating your stories. You can also use the animated topography provided there to add more fun to your stories.

apps for Instagram Stories


This app is one of the best apps for Instagram stories if you want to make your images look classic and combine different contents such as text, photos, and videos in one story. It is a free app with 25 templates but contains some features (90 premium templates) you need to purchase to use. It is compatible with both iOS and Android.

apps for Instagram Stories


Inshot is most businesses favorite Instagram app. It comes with high-quality features that help you edit and enhances images, add music and videos. It is compatible with iOS and Android. The app contains features such as filters, icons, speed control, photo collage templates, etc. You can also add background to your photos and music to your videos through this app. Some of the features are free while you pay for others.

apps for Instagram Stories

Adobe spark

The Adobe app is more advanced because it contains different apps brought together in one app to let you create quality content even if you don’t have a background in professional designing.

 It contains top-grade features such as the spark video which lets you combine videos into one story and the spark posts where you can create professional graphics that suits any social media platform.

You can add sounds, effects, animation, and other things from your phone or the app when creating a video. And when creating the graphics, you can add their stock images or topography. Another fantastic thing about this app is that iPhone users can sync it with their cloud backup.


The app is another fantastic choice for editing your Instagram story. It contains premade templates, texts, fonts, stickers, and other tools that help you create a unique story.  You can use this app for free but also have the options for paying for their subscriptions. It is also compatible with Android and iOS.

However one thing to note is that this is an advanced app which might take you some time to learn how to use it. But if you focus on learning it, you’ll discover that you can use it to improve your Instagram stories by a hundred percent.

apps for Instagram Stories


The strength of this app is the stop motion animation it provides the users. You can use it to create animations to add to your Instagram story and make it stand out. You can also add filters, stock music, and make use of a wide range of editing tools.

The app contains tutorials to help you navigate around it and produce quality content. There are also tools that enable you to adjust play speed and an interval timer to keep your videos within the time limit. It’s a free app, but like many other story apps, it contains some paid features.

apps for Instagram Stories


Photogrid is a popular app that contains features to help you create whatever you want in your story. You can use it for slideshows, memes, GIFs, scrapbook, smart face filters, and so on. It contains over 300 templates for photo collage, lots of backgrounds, and filters to use in creating a perfect Instagram story. It is a free app with some paid features and compatible with Android and iOS.

apps for Instagram Stories


VSCO is a free app with the option of a paid membership, and if you want to make use of its video editing, you’ll have to pay. But don’t let this discourage you as there is a lot to achieve using the video editing tool. You can use the app for editing photos.

It contains lots of tutorials to help you explore the app and make use of its different features such as editing presets which includes some free and paid ones, the film x for creating vintage contents, and other advanced editing tools. It is also compatible with Android and iOS.

apps for Instagram Stories


The feature that sets this app apart from all other apps for Instagram stories is the ability to create an app in less than a minute! It’s easy and quick to use with lots of premade templates to use. It has over 60,000 templates and a million background images.

It contains numerous frames, icons, textures, stickers, and badges to use that will help improve the appearance of your story. It also provides design tools such as photo vignette and grids.

You can choose to make use of the free or paid features, but it is an overall free app. And it is compatible with iOS and Android.

apps for Instagram Stories

Microsoft hyperlase

You cannot use this app for iPhones as it’s only compatible with Android or desktop. Microsoft hyperlase is strictly for editing old and new videos to create a hyperlase. It can make you adjust the speed of the video from 1x up to 32x. You only need to choose a video speed that is suitable for your story.

apps for Instagram Stories


Jumprope is essential for Instagram business accounts invested in creating “how-to” type of contents. It has lots of features such as animations, music, colors, filters, voiceover, and other editing tools to help in creating an engaging how-to Instagram story.

apps for Instagram Stories

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