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11 Instagram Analytics Tools to use in 2021

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11 Instagram Analytics Tools to use in 2021

Instagram Analytics

Using the right Instagram analytics tools is vital if you want to achieve your social media goals. It helps in providing insights on important Instagram metrics to track to ensure you are getting the maximum return on investment for your social media efforts.

The Instagram analytics tools which were useful in 2018 are no longer valid now as Instagram has done some upgrading with the privacy settings while killing its old API. Due to this, the third party analytical tools had to find a way to adapt to the new settings to give accurate Instagram insights.

Here are some of the analytics tools that have been able to work with the current privacy-first rules of Instagram while still giving accurate results:

Instagram Insights

The primary analytical tools you should consider using is one built by the social media platform you’re trying to analyze.

Instagram insight is the most accessible analytical tool you can use, and it gives you insights straight from Instagram itself, no need for third party policies. It helps you to know more about your audience such as their demographics, clicks, likes, online status, etc.

However, you’ll need a business account to use this tool. And you can’t see analytics of older posts or stories, only data from when you converted to a business profile. Moreover, you can neither export the data nor view it from your desktop, which is limiting.

For more detailed and easily accessible insights, you’ll need to use a third-party analytics tool. Let’s check out some of the best third-party analytics tools for Instagram in 2019:

Union metrics

As an official partner of Instagram, Union metrics can access your Instagram data through what is called the Graph API. You can use this tool to understand your audience and find out how to optimize your content to get valuable output.

 It gives reports, hashtag analysis, and various insights, but it does not come free. However, what they offer free is an overall Instagram check-up to assess your whole profile.


This Instagram analytics tool is best for performing an audit on your Instagram account.  It identifies where your efforts are paying off and where you need to improve.

You get to see all the essential metrics to track on Instagram, such as stories data, follower stats, engagement rates, etc. It contains different tabs and features that show various parameters such as density, geolocation, filter usage, growth history, engagement rates, and popular media.

With Iconosquare, you’ll get to view data of your posts from the last 30 days. And aside from the insights, you can also use it to schedule posts and overall social media management.


If you want to get an insight into what your competitors are up to, then use the Keyhole Instagram analytics tool to see their data. However, you must state the account you want to see to have access to it.

Aside from viewing your competitor’s analysis, you can also use Keyhole to track hashtags. If you plan on running an Instagram contest, you might want to check out how your hashtag campaign is doing through this tool.

Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite Analytics provides extensive analysis for your Instagram account. Here you can see past data over a specific period. You can see the performance of each post you make through different metrics and get the reports of this analysis.

This analytical tool also ranks positive or negative Instagram comments while also keeping a  close watch on what you’re response time to customers. You can also use it to keep track of your competitors since it possesses a social listening and competitive analysis tool.


You can also use the Hype Auditor tool to analyze the quality of your audience, whether they are real and the possibility of reaching them.

It provides you with the engagement rate of your platform and also helps you monitor competitors and key influencers that you might want to work with in the future. With this tool, you can get a free automated report on any Instagram account with more than a thousand followers.


Here is another analytics tool with broad social media platform coverage. But since we are discussing Instagram, let’s focus on what it can do. Quintly analyzes your followers, contents, and how your audience interacted with your posts and videos.

If you also need to monitor your competitor’s followers, this tool is your best bet as it will provide you with their follower’s statistics.

Quintly is a paid analytics tool, but they allow a 14-day trial for Instagram and other social platforms except for Facebook analytics, which is free.

Brandwatch analytics

With the Brandwatch analytics tools, you can track the number of your followers, view your top posts, and content interactions. It is also a social listening tool where you can see total mentions, trending topics, and top hashtags.


Another analytics tool to use for Instagram is Socialbakers. You can use it to check your top posts, impressions, reach, engagement rate, and so on. It also helps in searching for trending hashtags and tagged accounts.

The app is easy to navigate, plus you can build your dashboards to get started with analyzing. However, to fully explore the app, you’ll need to use the paid version because there are restrictions on the free version.


This app is one free Instagram analytics tool without compromised quality. It provides you with historical data of your posts in hours, day, month, and year. You get a monthly analysis as well as essential metrics on recent posts such as top posts, engagement with photos, etc.

The app also gives an option of managing your Instagram account from it. You can create albums, monitor comments and respond, and so on. You can also determine the best time to post your content through this app.


The ForSight app covers the essential Instagram analytics, such as engagement rate, photo analysis, followers count, and others. Taking it a step further, you can also analyze the sentiments attached to each post. With the ForSight app, you can get an overview of all the posts you’ve made in the past and carefully analyze what’s working and not.

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