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Essential Facebook Ads for Business Growth in 2021

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Essential Facebook Ads for Business Growth in 2021

Facebook Ads for Business

You have probably heard that Facebook ads are great for business marketing.
As you look for new ways to market your small business, you’ve most likely come across marketing experts, consultants, and content arguing that Facebook ads are a must-have for your marketing campaign.

Facebook Ads have been and is still in the business of promoting the growth of startup companies. It has always been at the core of every social media marketing strategy because of the tremendous results small businesses have gotten through it. And this is due to its broad audience, which is over a billion people.

However, to get an optimum result when using Facebook Ad, you need to know the right types to use, which will help to accomplish your business goals and increase your return on investment.

Here are some of the Facebook Ad types for necessary business growth:

Facebook Photo Ads

Images are perfect for attracting attention even more than text, which is why Facebook requires people running campaign Ads to make use of images. It is the first thing people see when they interact with your ad.

You can decide to run a single image ad or use multiple images such as carousel, collection, or slideshow ads. They are all easy to use if you know the tricks.

You can run a Facebook photo ad to reach your target audience, boost sales, create brand awareness, and engagement. All you need to do is find quality and unique images and a call to action to direct viewers on what to do after seeing the picture.

Avoid using blurry or dull pictures as most people would not stop to view an image with no life in it while scrolling through their timeline.

You also do not need to add much text when using the photo ad. You can use Facebook’s image text checker tool to ensure you’ve got an image-text balance. Also, ensure the image fits Facebook’s specification which is 600*600 pixels.

Facebook Video Ads

Another Ad to consider using is the Facebook video Ad because the video has and will always drive audience engagement faster than any other kind of media. Most people log into their Facebook account from their mobile phones and find it easy to watch videos from there.

Businesses aiming to drive engagement can do so through video ads as Facebook statistics show that people spend five times longer watching videos than viewing static content such as texts or images. You can use the video ads in various placements on Facebook and even Instagram for a broader rich.

When preparing your video, include something that will capture the attention of the viewers in less than three seconds. If they can watch your video beyond this time frame, they can keep at it for another 20 seconds. And while creating your videos, make sure it’s mobile-optimized as most Facebook users use their phones while on the website.

Make use of the highest resolution when creating the videos and make provisions for a “sound off” the video as some users would prefer to watch without sound. Add captions to your videos and try using a Facebook video format such as Facebook 360 videos rather than the regular videos to attract more attention and view time.

The video file size, length, and other features must fit in with the Facebook video ad specs. The file size should not be more than4GB, while the maximum length of the video should be 240 minutes but not less than 1 second.

Facebook slideshow (video-like) ads

Get your images and videos in one ad with the slideshow ad. Using this type of Ad helps is cost-effective as there is no production cost attached to it. You also get to save time because the process is simple and straightforward.

Select photos from your image library or use Facebook’s stock images when creating the ad. You can also upload the videos you have and format it the way you want it to appear in the ad.

Facebook Stories Ad

You might be familiar with only Instagram stories, but you can also use Facebook stories when running an ad on the platform. The images or videos used for the stories only have a 24 hours lifeline.

Facebook stories ad might not be all that popular now, but it is steadily gaining popularity, so you’ll want to make use of it now the competition is low. It is one of the fastest means to meet your target audience and convert them. And according to a study carried out by Facebook, 56 % of users who saw a product or services in a story visited the brand’s website for more information.

When using Facebook stories ad, remember to include an objective that it can cover, such as audience reach, traffic generation, conversion, lead generation, brand awareness and so on. If you choose something outside the objective, the ad performance might become low.

To create a Facebook stories ad, follow the ad specification for a stress-free experience. Your video file size should not be more than 4GB, and you can only use supported video types like .mp4 and .mov. Also, avoid creating a video of more than 15 seconds.

For the image, the file size shouldn’t be more than 30 MB while the image type should be .jpg or .png. You cannot include captions in the stories as except you include them in the file.

Facebook Messenger ads

If you use Facebook messenger, you must have come across some adverts in your inbox. They are called messenger inbox ad and could only get there probably because the ad creator added messenger inbox as a placement for their campaign.

However, if you are going to use this type of ad, you need to select automatic placements so that Facebook can decide the best location to place it that will generate better results and at a lower cost.

You can use an image carousel or video ad to run a Facebook Messenger ad. The dynamic ad is also a great choice that is equally effective.

Get your target audience to have a one-on-one encounter with your brand through this ad. And you can also reconnect with customers on Messenger through the sponsored messages which appear in their inbox like a typical Facebook message.

Facebook Lead ads

You can also use the lead ad to reach and convert more people on Facebook. You can gather the information you need from your target audience and also provide them with yours.

When you create the lead, and someone clicks it, it brings up a context card to provide them with more details about your business while compelling them to share their contact information and answer any questions you prepared to learn more about them.

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