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Nine essential Instagram hacks every marketer should know

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October 11, 2019
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October 11, 2019

Nine essential Instagram hacks every marketer should know

Have you always wished you could hide comments from internet trolls on your Instagram account, or perform some seemingly tricky functions? You don’t have to want anymore because you can now do them with much ease. Here are some Instagram hacks to help you make the Instagram experience simple and save your time.

Hide your hashtags

Adding hashtags to your Instagram helps in boosting engagement from followers and non-followers, and you can add as much as 30 hashtags. But imagine adding that much hashtag to your caption? It will make it look untidy and like an account of an amateur user.

But guess what? You can add that much hashtag to increase your brand’s visibility and then hide it from users.

To do this, after writing your usual caption, press the 123 tabs, you’ll see the “return” button, press it, and use punctuations such as dots or dashes to shuffle the hashtags down so that only your captions show and your post looks organized.

Press the return button and add the symbols. Repeat in this sequence for at least six times so that viewers won’t see the hashtags immediately; they see your post unless they click the more option.

Another method is not adding any hashtag to the caption but in a comment after your post. If someone comments, the hashtags won’t be visible.

You can also use some tools like Jumper media, Riotly social media, etc. With this tool, you only need to press the return tab on your phone to hide the hashtags so that only a few lines of your post shows.

Stop seeing posts from an account

If you ever get tired of seeing posts from a particular account but do not want to unfollow them, you can still follow them but stop seeing their posts or stories.

To do this, go to the account you want to stop seeing their contents, click on the three dots at the right side of the username to bring out a drop-down list, then click on mute. You can then choose whether to mute the posts or both of them.

Turn off comments on a particular post

If you don’t want people to comment on a specific post, feel that people have commented enough, or you are hosting a contest where you don’t want people to comment after a particular time, you can always turn off the comments.

To do this, create content and upload it to your Instagram following the usual steps. When you get to the point where you add a caption, select the advanced option and turn on the “turn off commenting” option.

You can use this step to turn off comments for other posts by clicking the three-dot lines to edit the post, which will take you to the caption section where you can repeat the same step. Whenever you feel like allowing comments, you can also tap the three lines on the post and “select turn on commenting.”

See all the posts you’ve liked

If you are searching for inspiration for new content, you can start by checking all the posts you’ve liked in the past to see if you can draw inspiration from them.

To get the liked posts, go to your profile and click on the menu button on the top right side and then select settings. From the settings, tap on the account and then click “posts you’ve liked” to see your liked history. You can also get great content ideas from user-generated ideas some Instagram tools have to offer.

Add your Instagram post to Pinterest

You can add your Instagram post to your Pinterest, although it’s not part of the list of platforms you can share Instagram posts.

To do this, locate the post you want to pin and click on the three dots on the top corer. In the drop-down list, click “copy share URL,” which will copy the post link to your clipboard.

The next steps involve logging into your Pinterest account with your mobile device and go to your profile by clicking on your profile image.

You’ll see a plus sign at the top right of your profile, which you can use to add new pins, click on it and select “copied link.” The link you previously saved to your clipboard will open, and you can choose what you wish to add and click finish posting.

To do it on a keyboard, go to and right-click on the post you want to send to Pinterest. Select “Open link in new window” to open the post differently on a window separate from your main Instagram account. Choose the image you want to pin after opening the Pinterest browser button.

Block comments based on keyword

You can choose to block comments from trolls, which you won’t like to see in the comment section using the specific keywords.

To do this, go to your settings and click on the menu option, then click on settings. Tap the privacy and security tab where you’ll see comment controls.

Turn on the “hide offensive comments.” Enter the words, phrase, emojis, and any other symbol you won’t like to see in your comments to get it filtered.

The moment you turn on the comment filtering, all the keywords you added will filter those words from the comment section of every post, both the existing and new posts. But if you want to allow the comments, you can always turn off the comment filter.

Save and organize posts

You can also save and organize your posts only where you can find them whenever you need the inspiration to create new content.

To do this, go to the post you want to save and tap the bookmark icon under the post. You can then choose to add the post to an existing collection or create another by tapping the plus sign.

See your saved posts by going to your profile and clicking on the menu option and tap save to see them.

See the amount of time spent on Instagram

If you want to create a schedule for  Instagram, you’ll want first to know how much time you spend the time you spend on it.

To do this, go to your profile and click on the menu. Click on activity from the dropdown list to find out.

Make your captions readable

If you are writing a text longer than three lines as your caption on a post, you should make it enjoyable by using line breaks.

To do this, when writing the caption, after some lines, press the return key and include punctuations such as full stops, dashes, or bullet points to separate it from the next line of text.

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