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Instagram Creator Account: What Marketers Need to Know

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Instagram Creator Account: What Marketers Need to Know

Instagram Creator Account

The Instagram creator account is the next big thing after the Instagram business account. It was created in early 2019 for those who prefer its features to that of the business profile.

What is unique about the Instagram creator profile, and why should digital marketers use it? The Instagram creator account is not for everyone. Instagram is quite specific about people that can use the accounts- profiles with over 10,000 followers. If you don’t have that many followers, you’ll need to stay content with the business profile.

Another thing to note is that the Instagram creator account specifically caters to influencers. The account comes with features and tools to help influencers succeed with their business on the platform. Through this new account, Instagram has succeeded in separating influencers from traditional businesses using the Instagram platform.

What more is there to know about the Instagram creator profile? Keep on reading to see if you’ll need to make a switch from your business or personal account to the Instagram creator profile.

Specials features of the Instagram creator’s profile:

The creator account provides influencers with more insights about their users than the personal or business account. These insights include growth data, streamlined messages, labels, and the turn off contact option. Let’s look at these new features in details to find out what Instagram has in store for real influencers:

More branding choices

With the Instagram creator account, you can choose more brand labels than the business account will let you. If you are using the business account, you’ll notice that you can only brand yourself on Instagram the same way you did on your connected Facebook page. 

But with the creator account, you can use different labels to describe your brand. You can be a fashion influencer, shoe designer, leather jacket promoter, all in one profile. It is indeed an account created to fit the needs of influencers.

Tun off contact

Influencers have to deal with so many people trying to contact them, from brands that need collaboration to followers and other anonymous people. The result is a plethora of calls and emails which could leave them overwhelmed and disorganized. 

Seeing they cannot take off their contact information from their profile because they will need valuable clients to contact them. However, Instagram has made things easier for the influencers by allowing them the option to turn off their contact information whenever they feel overwhelmed by the inflow of requests. They can always turn it on when they’ve sorted out what they have on the ground. 

Three message folder

In the personal and business account, there is only one inbox where influencers receive messages from everyone they follow, and then the message requests folder for those who they don’t follow. 

Due to the free access for followers and non-followers to send messages, influencers get besieged with all kinds of messages from important ones to outrightly creepy ones. 

However, with the creator account, there is a change in narrative. The account comes three message folders known as the primary, general, and request folder. The primary folder contains only messages the influencer wants to receive or get notifications. The general folder is for messages the influencer is not in a hurry to see. The request folder is for messages from people they don’t follow.

With these folders, influencers can now prioritize the message they receive. They can choose the messages they want notifications for and those that can wait until they are ready to scan through their inbox.

In-depth information on followers

As an influencer, you need to continuously keep track of your followers as they are the main reasons why brands will choose to work with you. An influencer should know the demographics of their followers as well as other metrics such as those that follow and unfollow.

In the Instagram creator account, influencers can see the demographics of their followers, such as their gender, age, location, and other data that will help them know the kind of content that will resonate with them. It also gives them a daily count of users who follow or unfollow them, unlike the business account that gives a weekly account.

Knowing the number of people that follow or unfollows you daily gives you more insight into what you might be doing right or wrong when it comes to creating engaging content for your users.

The creator account also comes with a dashboard that gives more insights about your audience.

Steps to switching to Instagram creator account

You need a large number of followers before Instagram permits you to use the creator accounts. So, if you don’t have up to 10,000 followers, start working towards getting more Instagram followers. 

If you have the required number of followers and feel you need more data to analyze your audience to keep creating excellent contents for them while filtering distractions, then follow these steps carefully to start using the Instagram creator account:

Go to your profile

Your profile is where you can get to your settings, so that’s the first place to go. Click on the menu at the top right corner and select settings from the drop-down list. Then from the settings list, click account.

If you are still operating a personal account, you’ll have to choose a professional account. You’ll see a question, “Which best describes you.” There are two options, creator and business. Choose creator and move forward. 

But if you are already operating a business account, you’ll see “switch to creator account.” Click on it.

Creating your account

The next thing us to choose the label that describes your business or brand from the category label. When you click next, you’ll see the option of linking the account to your Facebook page, do so if it’s necessary to you. If you don’t want the linking, skip it. The last stage is setting the visibility of your contact information. Here you can choose if you want people to contact you using your contact details. That’s all you need to do to create an Instagram creator account.

How to check your insights on Instagram creator account

One of the benefits of the creator account is that it comes with more data and metrics to help in analyzing your content and audience. To check your insights, click the menu button on your profile, and select insights. There are three tabs from which you can get insights about your page. They are the content, activity, and audience tab.

Click on the content tab to see how all your posts for the week performed. The activity tab shows you the interactions on your profile as well as the discovery of your posts and profile by Instagram users in the last week while the audience tab gives you demographic details of your Instagram followers.

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