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Cheats to Improve your Social Media Profile in less than an hour

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Cheats to Improve your Social Media Profile in less than an hour

Social Media Profile

Updating and improving social media profile is something most brands seldom do. Once they set up the profile, that’s it. But if you hope to promote your brand’s presence online, you need to ensure your profiles are up to date with current trends. And seeing how social media platforms update their settings regularly, you’ll want to do same.

For some brands, it’s challenging to create time to make some changes to their profiles seeing that they have to take care of other aspects of their business such as writing emails, making campaign ads, and so on. But what if there is a way to improve your social media profiles in less than an hour or at most, an hour? Change your images, use the right keywords, fill blank spaces in your profile, all in an hour or less?

You can make your social media profile look better in a short period. It doesn’t have to take the whole day. Do you want to know how? Here’s how to do it:

Use appropriate keywords

In the digital world, keywords are everything. You want people to find your brand? Keywords. You want people to see the videos and post you make? Keywords. You want to rank high in Google and social media search relating to your business or niche? Keywords. Your marketing strategies can never fail when you include using the right keyword.

But how do you use keywords to improve your social media profiles, and within an hour?

Find out what people are searching. You can do this using some keyword tools such as Google keyword planner or SEMrush so that you don’t have to crack your brain. Remember you have to do this within an hour, right?

After identifying the relevant keywords, use them on your social media profile immediately. There is no time to waste! Add them to your bios, description, job titles, interests, images, and everything necessary on your profile.

Get creative with the way you add the keywords. Don’t just fix them in like you are some robot. Make it blend naturally with the words already in your profile.

Fill in the blank spaces

It will take you less than ten minutes to fill in the empty fields on your profile. You might think it’s an arduous task, but that’s because you haven’t gotten started.

When you leave your profile uncompleted, you pass off as a lazy person, and no one wants to associate with that, like how are you going to take care of your followers when you can’t even sort out your profile?

So, you want to leave no room for unpleasant sentiments by completing that profile professionally. Don’t go trying to string some characters together. You need to make sure everything you write tells a compelling story about your brand.

Let your followers and the prospect get clear insights about your brand’s description and what the contents they should expect. If you think you have enough time in the remaining minutes, include a call-to-action (you might be a fast typist and thinker).

Edit your profile images

Check if you’ve been using the wrong image size for your social media profiles. Every social platform has a recommended profile image size so that whatever device your followers are using to view your profile, it will appear professional.

If you are going to edit your Twitter profile photo, consider using a 400*400 pixel. Use 170*170 for your Facebook profile picture, 110*110 for Instagram profile picture, and 150*150 for your Pinterest profile picture. You might also want to cover and header images if time permits.

Be consistent with your profile images and handle names

Consistency is vital when it comes to your social media profile images and handles. If you’ve ever tried downloading the app of a brand and you saw two similar app names but different logos and you were confused as to which one to pick, you’ll understand this point.

Use the same profile images for every social media platform you are using so that when your Facebook followers search for a twitter page, they can quickly identify it. The same thing goes for your handles. You sure don’t want them following some other brand because you couldn’t stick to one handle.

Check your tag setting

You are building a brand; you don’t want anyone putting your reputation in a negative light. You need to be conscious of the taggers. Who is tagging you, and what are they tagging? You need to be sure no one is tagging you to inappropriate photos or posts that will incite anger.

Go to your tag settings on any of your social media networks and see what you can review. Ensure you can see where and who tagged you and give your approval before you can get tagged. If you have been tagged with any bad post or photo, remove it, doesn’t take up to five seconds (yes, we are still on time)

Add review of tagged posts to your social media schedule. You don’t want your followers to see their professional brand linked with an amateur posting obscene pictures or posts.

Do some cross promoting

Hopefully, there is still about 30 minutes left to allow you to add links to your website, promotional content, or other social media networks on your profiles. Give your followers and prospects more information about you through this way.

After adding the links, make sure they are working so your followers don’t get frustrated when the link leads them to address not found. It could cost you additional followers and sales lead. So, check to see if you’ve made any typographical errors on your link by testing them.

Highlight your best work

Pin your best contents to where your followers can see them- on your profile! It could be cool behind the scene video, welcome message, or a new project you are working on at the moment.

Were you able to achieve all within an hour or less? Hope, It was worth your time. Now your profile looks more professional and optimized for business.

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