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7 Brilliant Ways to Use Snapchat Codes to Market your Business

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7 Brilliant Ways to Use Snapchat Codes to Market your Business

7 Ways to Use Snapchat Codes to Market your Business

7 Ways to Use Snapchat Codes to Market your Business

Do you know you can get your business in front of 188 million Snapchat users by using the Snapchat codes? Snapchat codes open up a world of new possibilities, including using it for filters, gaining followers, and even adding friends.

The Snapchat codes are like the regular barcodes but with the Snapchat signature of a yellow background and black dots, which also allows users to add their profile picture and add friends. You can also use it to unlock specific contents, web portals, and so much more.

You can use the Snapchat codes to connect with your customers and provide them with intriguing and interactive contents to increase engagement with your brand. Let’s look at some of the ways you can use Snapchat codes for marketing your business:

Increase your followers

You need followers to see your excellent contents and purchase your products or services. And although Snapchat was created to follow people and get followers, you can also use it to increase your influence online and connect with your target audience.

Deliberately use your Snapchat code to increase your followers by including it when trying to keep in touch with your target audience. 

If you are attending a conference, exhibition, or trade fair event, include your Snapchat code to your exhibition booth and encourage people to scan and follow.

 You can also include them on business cards, newsletters, billboards, magazine ads, flyers, posters, TV commercials, phone screens, jumbotrons, packaging, and wherever you think users can access them with their smartphones. However, you need a high-resolution version of your Snapcode for easy scanning.

Include your Snapcode with your URL

A pro tip is including your Snapcode anywhere you have a URL. You can create your Snapcode for each of your web pages and allow people to choose between typing the link and snapping the code. Most people, especially the younger generation, do not have time to type in long links into their phones, and so will choose a quick scan over the stress. 

Cross promoting your Snapchat account is also another method to increase your Snapchat followers. You can use your codes as your Facebook cover photos or Twitter avatars. 

However, you should be careful when doing this since there is an updated branded content policy that seems to be against this method, which is why most brands stopped using it. 

Add Snapcodes to an offline store

If you are operating an offline store, get more of your target audience online for a more entertaining side of your business by including your Snap code in your store. You may think that shopping malls, departmental stores, and other mortar-and brick constructions are out of fashion, and people now shop everything online. There is nothing much farther from the truth. 

People still love the thrill of going to a physical location to pick out their stuff when they have the time. But the problem is, everyone is so busy these days that they hardly have the time to do what they love.

In-Store marketing of your brand online will make things easier for customers who will not always have the time to pop into your store. They now have the option of connecting with you online and getting products or services delivered to them on their doorsteps.

You can add the codes to your product’s tag or package so that when consumers scan them, they get connected automatically to your Snapchat accounts. Doing this will increase your followers and boost sales.

Run a contest with Snapcodes

Another way to market your business is by using a Snapcode to give people access to competition. Here, they don’t need to click on any link; they only need to scan the code you’ve created to take them to the page where they need to provide all their contact details to enter the contest. You can also use the information gotten for lead generation in the future to keep them updated about future contests or your products and services.

Attract through gamification

To increase your followers and inevitably boost sales, you can include some gaming elements that allow consumers to search for your code while enjoying some thrilling adventures. 

You can also use your Snap code as an access code to exclusive discounts, secret menus, filters, and lenses. Brands like Disney and Universal have used this method to increase their influence on the social media platform. 

Intrigue your audience

You can also use the Snapcode to pick the curiosity of users and create intrigue by using it as a code to unlock filters, mysteries, and thrilling adventures. These “wow” moments can endear your target audience to your brand and keep them engaged to see another one of those moments.

Increase brand ambassadors

It is not enough to create lens campaigns, secret filters, and so much more to reach more targeted Snapchat users. You should also get your followers to get their friends involved by allowing them to share the thrilling moments or permitting them to share lenses exclusive to them with loved ones. You will expand your reach and increase your followers and consumers through this method.

How to share your Snapchat code

Start by opening your Snapchat app and then click on the profile located at the top left corner of the app. To enlarge the Snapchat code, click on the profile icon again. You can give people to scan the code right off your app or click “share Snapcode” to share it how you want.

To get people to scan your Snapcode right off the app, ask them to log into their Snapchat, open their camera and point at the code, and take a picture to begin the scan process.

 If you don’t want to keep logging into your app to access for code for sharing, you can save it to your camera to use anytime.

How to create a Snapchat code

You can also create Snapchat code to any web page of your choice by logging into the app and click on your profile photo. Click on the settings icon and select Snapcodes. Select “create Snapcode,” and it will prompt you to add your website URL. There! You have your Snapcode.

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