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10 Social media automation tools to marketing easier

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10 Social media automation tools to marketing easier

Social media management and all its challenges can be overwhelming for every marketer out there, which is why using social media automation tools should be an option. 

Using social media automation tools, no doubt, makes your work easier. However, it would be best if you were careful not to overuse it so that you don’t destroy the positive image you’ve built about your brand.

Here are some social media automation tools to help your brand in social media:


Use the Chatfuel bot to help you with marketing and customer support. We all know how tedious it could be for companies trying to reply to customers and attend to their complaints in real-time.

Using the Chatfuel chatbot is a clear solution to problems, especially when your customer base is multiplying, and you can’t keep up with every one of them. 


Use Buzzmoz when you want to create quality content that will engage your audience and even go viral. It analyzes contents that have worked in the past for your competitors and gives you content ideas to create something unique that your audience appreciates.

It helps fuel your creativity or even give you an excellent start to be creative. You find your followers waiting for the post or tweet of the day with high interaction and engagement. 


If you have a problem with posting content during peak hours when your audience is online, then you need the help of the buffer automation tool.

You can schedule posts to get to your different social media platforms at the right time. You can find out the best time to post from various social media analytics. You can share posts to your multiple accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter,  and so on.

The tool also helps in creating brand awareness by maintaining a constant web presence. You can also get analytics for each post you make to see what you might have done wrong and how to improve. Buffer also gives you ideas for content generation. You’ve got everything covered on social media when you use a buffer.


MeetEdgar is another automation tool that helps you manage posts you send to your accounts. You don’t have ever to leave your followers hanging and waiting for your new posts as long as you use the Meetedgar.

It helps you post quality content from its unlimited content stack that increases engagements even without you trying. Another advantage of using this tool is that it enables you to analyze the result of each post, including the number of clicks.


CoSchedule, like the name implies, allows you to schedule your posts using the tool. It comes with a calendar feature that also helps your marketing needs by managing your social media campaign, email marketing, and other project timelines. And like other social automation tools, it provides you with advanced analytics that helps you keep track of the results. 


Get help when your creativity seems to be on the low by using Crowdfire. Not only does it help in scheduling posts, but it also gives you content ideas by finding content similar to your niche and making it available to you.

You can always repackage the content using this tool so that it doesn’t look plagiarized. You can also add images using this tool to every content you post. It is also an excellent tracking tool that helps you track your followers, non-followers, competitors’ followers and engagement metrics. 

Agora pulse

Use Angora to schedule your posts across social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also re-post your top content whenever it’s necessary to get more engagement. It also helps to track the result of your contents using its effective analytics.

With Angora pulse, you can manage all your social media accounts, followers, and prospects inclusive from one app.


Hootsuite is one of the best social media automation tools with an unrelenting effort to make the social media world easy to operate. It possesses so many features that will help your every social media experience and make it better.

With its post scheduler, you can send posts to all the leading social media platform you have an account within real-time. You can also reply to comments on your posts.

It helps you determine the best time to post content according to your location. According to their research, the best time is 3 pm, but this also depends on the region which is why they need to give you exclusive analytics.

You can search for brand influencers and check for brand mentions biz this tool. It also has an analytics feature that helps to generate advanced reports for your accounts. 

Social alert

This tool is for tracking and monitoring hashtags, keywords, brand monitoring, and so much more. It helps you get content, find influencers related to your industry, and perform keyword analysis. You also get to know the engagement rates and reach of each of your contents. It also produces advanced reports to help you evaluate your social media strategy. 


Another tool you can use is the SproutSocial, and although it doesn’t cover as many social media platforms like Hootsuite, it comes with numerous features that are sure to help your social media experience.

Aside from posting content at the appropriate time, it also offers customer support. You can also use for social listening, tracking keywords, identifying influencers, and calculating engagement.

Don’ts of social media automation tool

Don’t be that marketer that uses automation tools to reply DMs.

You could lose your followers and brand reputation if you try it. As don’t think you’ll go unnoticed because people can tell the difference between a human-composed content and an automated one. 

Don’t buy followers.

There is no need showing off a large following who doesn’t engage contents posted. Remember, you have a target audience and buying followers will only derail your focus and damage the brand’s reputation. Your small quality followers who interact and engage with every of your content is better than a massive following that has no idea you exist. 

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