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3 Travel Destinations The Whole Family Will Love

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3 Travel Destinations The Whole Family Will Love

travel destinations

travel destinations

A family trip is always a good idea. With today’s various options for where to go and how the most difficult challenge is the choice overload. But don’t worry! This article lists three travel destinations the whole family can absolutely fall in love with. Whether they’re history buffs, art enthusiasts, retail therapy lovers, or foodies, there’s something for every member of the family.

Reasons to Travel with the Family

Moms, dads, or other designated travel planners of the family can find that traveling with a group can be a lot of work. But they’ll also tell you that it’s totally worth it! There are a ton of upsides to traveling with the family, and here are some of them:

Build Strong Family Ties

A trip away from the things you’ve grown accustomed to can be a great way to bond with the family. Things like homework, conference calls, and even house chores will be momentarily left behind so the family can make new memories together. The proximity, whether in the car during a road trip or in the shared hotel rooms, can be the catalyst the family needs to enjoy each other’s company. They can bond by playing sessions of board games, mobile gaming, or simply talking during a meal.

Learn About Other Cultures

A trip to family-friendly travel destinations can strengthen family bonds while also opening minds to new experiences. The family can learn about people from other places—their history, culture, and how they live. They can do that by going on walking tours or food explorations. There are plenty of ways the family can discover new things about each other and the places they visit. Of course, the most important part is to be open to these new experiences.

Relieve Stress

Working parents, especially moms, seem to have a never-ending list of things to do at home and at work. They will welcome a break from the daily routine and a chance to discover new things with their loved ones. Parents and kids alike can avoid burnout(from work, school, and other responsibilities) through a family break. Experiencing the sights and sounds of a new place can be a source of relaxation and stress relief.

Three Travel Destinations for the Family

Now that we’ve given you reasons why family travel is always a good idea, it’s time to decide where to go. There are endless options, but here are some of our favorite ones

London, England

London is a bustling city that’s a melting pot of various cultures worldwide. It has a beginner-friendly transportation system, from double-decker buses to the London Underground. It has lifts (also called “elevators” in other parts of the world) and ramps, making commuting from one landmark to the next easier for families with babies that need strollers or for those who need wheelchair access.

Aside from the accessible transportation system, there’s something for everyone in London. Children and nature lovers will love the Natural History Museum and the many parks scattered across the city. The family’s history and art enthusiasts will enjoy visiting the various British palaces and museums. And, of course, a trip to the Oxford Circus area is a must for those looking for a one-stop shopping destination. Various brands from across the world can be found right along Regent street. You can also find Hamley’s Toy Shop for the kids—multiple floors with sections that cater to whatever the kids may fancy, from stuffed animals to mobile gaming to even magic tricks!

Paris, France

Some may think that this city is more of a wedding proposal destination or honeymoon spot, but Paris can offer a lot more than a romantic getaway. It’s one of the most famous travel destinations in the world, and for a good reason. Your family can marvel at seeing famous landmarks that you used to only see in movies and TV in person. Art lovers can surely appreciate visiting well-known museums like the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay that house works of world-renowned artists. Those who want to learn about history while enjoying the various palaces and French travel destinations can book cultural tours to help them know more about the history of France and Europe in general.

The food scene in Paris is also something worth trying. There’s something for everyone in the family. Kids will love pastries and hot chocolates while their parents taste excellent wine and cheese from various French regions.

El Nido, Philippines

El Nido, located in Northern Palawan, Philippines, is an excellent option if your family is looking for a tropical destination. It’s not as well-known to non-Filipinos as Manila, Boracay, or even Cebu, but it has a lot to offer. Your family can go island-hopping, watch sunsets by the beach, discover waterfalls, and even try ziplining!

Of course, the calming sounds of beach waves and the sun’s glow may not answer all the work waiting for you back home. But they can surely help you be recharged and ready to take them on. Lounging by one of the many beaches of El Nido can be just what you need to avoid employee burnout. Make sure to visit during the Philippines’ warmer months (usually March to May) to properly enjoy the sun, sand, and the many island-hopping tours offered there.

Remember: Allow Yourself to Enjoy Your Time Off

If you want to avoid employee burnout, you need to allow yourself to enjoy your trip fully. If you’ve booked your trip, chances are you’ve already had enough time to inform your place of work about your time off so they can make the necessary adjustments. This means you can take time off and not feel guilty about leaving the work behind. Truly enjoying your valuable time with the family without needing to check your emails or take calls can be the key to relaxation and bonding.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your next family trip, and we hope these three places have piqued your interest. Have you visited any of these travel destinations, or do you have any destinations you want to recommend? Let us know in the comments section!

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