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What is a Chatbot and How to Use It for Your Business

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What is a Chatbot and How to Use It for Your Business


A chatbot is a business essential that helps to boost sales and reduce customer service cost. With chatbots, there are no excuses why your brand couldn’t provide answers to that customer asking questions at 1:00 am.

Some businesses, especially the small ones, might not be using chatbots right now because they feel it’s too complicated and requires a developer to code and maintain which their budget cannot cover. That is only a misconception as chatbots are easy to implement in your business to assist in your marketing and customer service department.

This guide will give you detailed information about the Facebook messenger bot, how to use it, and tools that will help create the bots. Are you ready to learn? Then keep reading!

Facebook Messenger chatbot description

If you’ve never heard about chatbots before, you might be wondering what the Facebook messenger bots are? It is an automated messaging software designed with artificial intelligence to help converse with people to proffer solutions to their problem through Facebook messenger.

Chatbots are naturally programmed to understand questions and supply answers while also executing other tasks depending on how they got configured. Your customers wouldn’t need to make phone calls or run on a search for answers when they type a question and get an immediate response at any time of the day.

Reasons to use a Facebook chatbot

The foremost reason why your business should include Facebook chatbots in their social media marketing strategy is that according to statistics, Facebook messenger takes the position of the world’s most used app in the world. And so, engaging your target audience with the messenger bit is easy. Here are some things the messenger bot can help your business achieve.

It helps in driving leads and boosting sales.

There are times your customer service team might not be available to provide information to visitors or customers on your social network. The chatbot help to fill the gap. And most people do not mind that they are not speaking with a human. All they want are accurate answers to their questions, and a chatbot can make it possible.

It also helps to re-engage customers who have purchased something from your brand in the past. It reaches out to them and reminds them of products they might want to buy again.

Helps resolve issues fast

With a chatbot, customers do not have to deal with the lapses of a human brain which tends to forget even though they might have undergone numerous training about the products and services of a company.

It is common for customer service officers to tell their customers to hold on while they scroll through systems to find answers to questions. A chatbot gives customers immediate, accurate, and detailed answers to questions.

For small businesses that do not have the luxury of a large team, this chatbox will go a long way to help your business. If you are running an e-commerce store or delivery company, the chatbox can always help with selling, tracking deliveries, and even upselling while you focus on the ones it can’t execute.

Moreover, it helps to patiently communicate with customers that are fond of asking the same questions over and over again. So with a chatbot, your customer service, which is the lifeline of a business is on point.

How to use the Facebook Manager bots for the best results

If you are considering using the bot for your business, here are some things that will help you achieve effective results:

Set your bots goals

What do you the bots to do for you? Is it lead identification, customer service, promotion, etc.? Select one goal you want it to handle when designing the first campaign.

Inform your customers/users

Not everyone will know about the bots technology, so you might want to inform the users beforehand, so they don’t get frustrated. Also, ensure you program the bots in such a way it saves time and gives the users an enjoyable experience.

Don’t entirely replace the humans

The Facebook messenger chatbots only assist a human customer service officer. It shouldn’t be an alternative. Ensure your customers get the option of chatting with a human too.

Tools for building Facebook messenger bot

If you wish to create your chatbot for seamless business transactions, here are some tools to help out:


If you don’t need any complete tool that would leave you in a state of confusion and probably discourage you from going forward in creating your chatbot, then go for streamchat. It’s a simple automation tool that helps with basic messages like “How can we help,” or “We’ll get back to you soon.” It’s for businesses that want to have a taste of what chatbot can do to see if it’s all a hype.


Chatfuel is for businesses that need chatbots to deal with broader workflow. Most tech companies use chatfuel and are happy with the result. You might need a developer to help with customization and codes that have to do with the front end. However, even if you don’t have a coding background, you can still get some things done yourself.  

Also, you should know that chatfuel offers a pro account which comes with more exciting but sophisticated tools to make your chatbot more impressive. But if you don’t need this, you can always stick with the free basic account.

Mobile monkey

Mobilemonkey is another chatbot tool that doesn’t require coding to set up. It offers numerous features such as live chat takeover, question and answer triggers, custom attributes, and so on. It also has the chat blast features which allow you send messages to multiple users at the same time.

 All these features are free, but if you want quality features such as drip campaign set up, scheduling, and analytics, you have to upgrade to the pro plan.


If you need a simple bot with few features, then this is the best tool to use in building one. It can only handle simple conversations but won’t be helpful when the discussions become complex. You can get the tool for free, and it will remain so until you hit a certain amount of subscribers before they request you upgrade to a pro account.

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